209 - Ep. #8916

Added: 27.05.2003
Today’s episode mainly takes place in Angel Square celebrating newcomer Adriana’s 15 birthday. Meanwhile, Walker tells Bo and Nora he went to see Lindsay in hopes of learning more about his brother’s death. Thinking about Keri and his daughter and reflecting upon Carlotta’s recent heart attack, Antonio confides to Joey how he doesn’t think he can bear losing another loved one. Jessica snarls at Jen for leveling false accusations against her brother. Blair and Dorian are unnerved by a warning splashed across their front door saying: Heed the Messenger. Bo tells Walker how his brother has a long and lethal criminal history. A hopeful Jen asks Joey if dropping the charges would make any difference in their personal relationship. Marcie fills Al in on the police department’s new initiative to sweep drugs off the LU campus. Flash returns to Llanview and tells Joey her reunion with C.J. didn’t go exactly as planned. Rae urges Jen to recant her accusations against the curate before things get
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