212 - Ep. #8919

Added: 30.05.2003
Blair and Dorian finally tell Bo what really happened at the theater the night Mitch fell in the river but Dorian decides to keep Jessica’s name out of it. At the same time Jessica confesses the truth to Viki. Dorian and Viki face off later when they arrive at the judge’s chambers for the final ruling on Victor’s will. Dorian threatens to send Jessica to prison with what she knows if Viki doesn’t end her claim on Victor’s estate and allow her to stay at Llanfair with all of Victor’s money. Unimpressed, Viki issues her own threat and later hands Dorian a court order that demands she move out of Llanfair. Troy is stunned when he wakes and finds Lindsay in bed next to him. He finally realizes she is genuinely frightened that Mitch will kill her. He calls Nora who agrees to help Lindsay. Later, Lindsay loses control when she finds a threatening note reading “”you’re next”” from Mitch. Thinking that everyone is out to get her, Lindsay grabs a letter opener to protect herself. Jen’s impressed
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