213 - Ep. #8920

Added: 02.06.2003
A defiant Dorian tells Blair she won’t be evicted from Llanfair no matter what. As she nervously dresses for her date with Joey, Flash thanks Nora for all her support. Viki happily announces to her children that their entire estate has been returned to its rightful owners. While flipping through Mitch’s Bible, Dorian unearths a clue which leads her to an important find. Admitting how he was expelled for cheating, Rex asks Natalie to let him move in with her and Cris. Keri confides to a concerned R.J. how she’s starting to think she should re-establish contact with Antonio. Joey bodily removes Dorian from Llanfair. Walker tells Blair he’s leaving town as soon as his brother is nabbed. Cristian is pleased when his opening at the gallery makes a hit with the critics a well as the hoi polloi. Bo enjoys being Matthew’s sitter for the evening. Troy angrily orders Walker to keep his distance from Blair. Rex perks up his ears when Jen reveals that she stands to inherit more than half a million
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