215 - Ep. #8922

Added: 04.06.2003
Using the cash he stole from Jen, Rex enters a high stakes poker game and begins losing big. Rae coaxes Hank out for some fun on the football field. Bo informs Walker that his brother is not only still in Llanview but has begun terrorizing the people on his personal hit list. Meanwhile, at the abandoned theater, a frightened Jen tries to escape from Mitch but is unable to elude him. Evangeline puzzles over Hank’s open animosity towards his younger brother. Joey arrives at the theater in the nick of time and overpowers Mitch, then hurries a grateful Jen to safety. Natalie grows more convinced than ever that Keri and her daughter are alive after finding a receipt for R.J.’s purchase of baby clothes. A seething Mitch confronts Walker with his betrayal. Following a visit to his comatose son, Asa sadly confides to Viki his fear that Ben will never come back to them. Jen presses Joey to admit how much he cares for her. Urging his brother to turn himself in, Walker cautions Mitch that he’s be
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