220 - Ep. #8927

Added: 11.06.2003
Holding a gun on Dorian and Viki, Mitch informs his estranged wife that her judgment day has arrived. Keeping his private agenda to himself, Rex advises Jen to stop squandering her inheritance. Joey is troubled by recurring erotic fantasies featuring Jen. Al celebrates his graduation with family and friends. Nora questions Troy after finding him lurking outside Blair’s door. Rex overhears a juicy tidbit about Max and wastes no time relaying the information to R.J. Jessica reminds Antonio why she can’t let her father’s antics dictate her life. Mitch presses the gun into Dorian’s hand and orders her to shoot Viki. Outraged to learn how Max double-crossed him, R.J. confronts his former friend. Blair gently gives Troy his walking papers. After Dorian refuses to kill Viki, Mitch calls Antonio and instructs him to hurry to St. Jude’s. Max stumbles over a winning lottery ticket in Angel Square. Antonio and Jessica rescue Dorian from a locked confessional as she shakily reveals how Mitch took
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