221 - Ep. #8928

Added: 12.06.2003
Certain that faking her death was a mistake, Keri tells her father she wants to come home but R.J. insists that returning to Llanview is not an option. Heeding Mitch’s written warning, Jessica hides her father’s note from Antonio. Meanwhile, Mitch drags a protesting Viki to the Llantano Bridge. Rex provides Natalie with an address in Toronto for the mysterious “”Kay Randall.”” Flash tells Joey that she and his Aunt Tina never saw eye to eye on anything. Jessica phones Mitch and promises to come alone to their meeting at the bridge. Rex assures R.J. he’ll soon have the twenty-five grand needed to invest in Ultra Violet. Antonio finds Mitch’s note and reports to Bo that Jessica has gone off to rescue her mother. Walker and Dorian get better acquainted. Joey confronts Jen about her penchant for lying. Nora assures Gabrielle that her relationship with Bo will remain strictly professional despite the fact that they now share a son. Though Viki strenuously objects, Jessica agrees to leave town
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