225 - Ep. #8932

Added: 18.06.2003
Cris keeps mum when Antonio wonders what’s bothering him. Meanwhile, Keri’s appearance at the precinct house sends shock waves through Nora. Brian privately tells Jessica he knows she doesn’t deserve the treatment she’s been getting from her father. Mindful of his promise to Flash, Joey avoids revealing the girl’s true identity to Viki. Later, Joey admits to his mother how he can’t get Jen out of his mind. Jessica convinces a reluctant Brian to deliver notes to Viki and Antonio. Bo confides to Hank the secret of Matthew’s paternity. Viki begins to wonder why Flash reminds her of someone from her past. Stunned to find Keri on his doorstep, Antonio joyfully embraces her as she reveals that the baby is also alive. Jessica swipes a cell phone and makes a quick call to Viki before Mitch returns. Antonio flies into a rage after Keri explains how she faked her death and Jamie’s. Riley grows even fonder of Flash but is too shy to proclaim his love. Jen and Rex board a train for Atlantic City.
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