226 - Ep. #8933

Added: 19.06.2003
Bo advises Antonio not to miss another moment with his little daughter. Jessica begs Brian to deliver a yellow rose to Antonio so he’ll know she’s still unharmed. Nigel is taken aback to discover that Asa has hired a new butler to replace him. Appalled to learn of Jen’s wedding plans, Joey refuses to perform the ceremony and warns the would-be bride that Rex is simply using her to get at her substantial inheritance. Max coaxes Asa to sell Foxy Roxy’s Hair Haven to him. Antonio holds baby Jamie for the first time. Joey and Natalie argue about who’s really exploiting whom in the Rex-Jen relationship. Hank snaps at Nora when she tries to defend R.J.’s decision to help Keri fake her death. Jen decides to use an unsuspecting Troy as the subject of the documentary she’s shooting for her summer film class. Keri prevents Antonio and R.J. from coming to blows. Renee and Nigel finally admit to an astounded Roxy that they’ve been faking their hypnotic state. Jessica works to loosen a bar on one o
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