232 - Ep. #8939

Added: 27.06.2003
Unable to stop daydreaming about Jen, Joey decides to have another talk with her. Meanwhile, Marcie gets nowhere trying to dissuade Jen and Rex from tying the knot. Jessica balks at attending Asa’s party to celebrate her safe return. A fuming Starr blasts Blair for allowing Walker to move into the penthouse. Dorian pays a call on her incarcerated husband, who hisses a sinister warning about retribution. Natalie convinces her twin to stop moping around the house and join the family at Asa’s bash. Asa informs a delighted Viki that she’s just been appointed the new president of Llanview University. Al angrily orders Gabrielle to stop making comments about Marcie’s weight. Antonio crashes the Buchanans’ party to cheer Jessica but his kiss sends her running. Natalie and Cris announce that they’ve set the wedding date. Later, Renee is rendered speechless when Asa invites her to become his 13th wife. Mitch informs a devastated Blair that Todd is almost certainly dead. Rex and Jen say “”I do.””
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