7 - Light Optics

Added: 10.09.1994
They’re on your refrigerator, they’re inside your computer, and you’re even standing on one right now. They’re magnets, and forget about being repulsed. Bill Nye the Science Guy’s “”Magnetism”” episode is totally attractive. All magnets have certain things in common. All magnets have two poles – north and south. You could take a magnet and break it into pieces and all of the pieces would have north and south poles. Ever play with two magnets? If you hold them with one magnet’s north pole facing the other’s south pole, they will stick together. If you put two of the same poles together, the magnets will push apart. With magnets, opposite poles attract, and “”like”” poles repel. Ever wonder why the Earth has a North and South Pole? The Earth’s hot, churning, iron core is like a giant magnet. The magnetic force of the Earth stops a lot of harmful radiation from reaching us. Charged particles streaming from the Sun get pulled down by the Earth’s magnetic field, creating the
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