4 - Skin

Added: 01.10.1993
Learning about skin science is no sweat. It’s gigantic. It’s gargantuan. It’s your skin. It’s your body’s biggest organ. If you could lay your skin out flat, it would cover about one and a half square meters. Your skin stops you from drying out, protects you from the weather, and keeps bacteria and viruses from getting inside your body. Your skin is also your personal air conditioner and heater all in one. Sweating cools you off. When you’re hot, glands in your skin push a mixture of water and other chemicals onto the surface of your skin. When the water evaporates, it takes some of the heat with it, and you’re cooler. When you’re too cold, your skin muscles start twitching. Shivering makes your body warm up. Without skin, you wouldn’t be able to feel the difference between a sheet of paper and a wool blanket. There are thousands of touch receptors inside skin. When you touch the remote control, the receptors send information about the remote’s temperature, thicknes
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