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Top 15 best Viking Books


Regarding the Viking books, it has been considered that the idea has been taken from the Penguin General as the publishers of Viking tend to believe in publishing books written by outstanding and famous authors. Also, they believe in the strategy of implementing both censure and commercial guidelines. As far as Viking publishers have been considered, they truly abide by the rules of publishing bestselling, both fiction and non-fiction books. Viking is an American publishing company that is now owned by the Penguin Group. It has been referred that the logo- “Viking” means the people belonging to southern Scandinavia who was experts in merchandising, trading, and maritime people within the region of Scandinavia during the 11th century. As far as books are considered based upon their life, there are the best Viking books available, which clearly illustrate their adventures and revolutionary stories.

So, regarding the Viking, after analyzing and thoroughly studying, I have brought the 15 best books for the bibliomaniac that will ignite the curiosity and eagerness into their mind.

1. The Vikings

A History by Robert Ferguson: This book is a blend of the detailed description and thrilling history of the Vikings specially written and published by those who are fans of history channel series. To sum up, I would say that this book is a Vikings history book that clearly shows the medieval information.

2. The Viking Spirit

An Introduction to Norse Mythology and Religion by Daniel McCoy: It is a non-fiction book which has been written in a simple and entertaining style depicting the story of Viking’s gods and goddesses along with their views about moral code, their faith, thinking about how the universe was conducted, practicing of their religion and influence of magic on their lives.

3. The Viking World by James Graham-Campbell

It reveals the story about the Viking history for the readers as it clearly explained every aspect of Vikings life as it shows the brilliant products of Vikings culture and brutal of the natural world along with the style that how the Viking people used to captured and ruled over western Europe.

4. Blood Eye (Raven Series) by Giles Kristian

It is a perfect book that shows the thrilling Viking trilogy. It allows the readers to deeply immerse themselves into the Norsemen’s world is driven by their lust for adventure. It firmly grabs the readers’ attention by depicting the tale of action and disloyalty of the Dark Age Britain man.

5. My Viking Wolf

Howls Romance (A Howls Viking Romance Book 1) by Gwen Knight: The author of this book has written this book which shows the zestful world with fabulous characters which satisfy every reader as this book consists of jollification and entertaining plot along with the action scenes which will arouse the excitement in every reader that they will love to cling to this romantic novel.

6. Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

This book is the Viking Fantasy Fiction which shows the tale of deception and retribution which grabbed the attention of every reader from the starting of the book itself as it is a masterpiece showing the story of Viking saga and considered to be one of the best books.

7. God’s Hammer by Eric Schumacher

It is a fiction novel showing the legend story and the history of a boy who fought for the throne of a Viking kingdom.

8. Blind Allegiance by Violetta Rand

This novel is purely for those readers who are passionate about suspense along with romantic tale, storyline with resistless heroes, and expedited action.

9. Women in the Viking Age by Judith Jesch

This novel demonstrates the storyline of medieval history, showing the traditional picture of a male-dominated society, which is a well-explained and quite fascinating one.

10. The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood

It is considered to be the best book about Vikings as it shows the story of Vikings sailors and robbers, who traveled into Russia to explore about it and simultaneously, also attacks the rulers of Europe.

11. Conveniently Wed to the Viking by Michelle Styles

The plotline of this novel has been considered to be witty and historical romance illustrating the story of two strangers who met on a path and because of the fear of their family decided to get married.

12. The Sagas of Icelanders

This novel is based on enduring stories that showcase the plotline, which is filled with love, passion, battles, and tragedy of Viking age Iceland. A perfect book is clearly showing the history of Vikings with an enchanting modern era.

13. The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson

This novel depicts the Norse mythology, which clearly explained the tales of the Norse’s creation and their encounters with the battles to safeguard their territory.

14. Conquered by the Viking by Ashe Barker

This book has been considered as the Vikings romance novels, which allure those who are looking for plotlines giving importance to love and hope. This book is full of entrancing story and thoughtful ideas like mills and boons.

15. Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton

This storyline of this book is a mixture of factual and fabricated aspects that shows the journey; of a Muslim Arab who traveled with a group of Vikings to explore the northern region so in short, the storyline has been taken from Beowulf.


 To sum up, I would like to say that the Vikings books listed above are fascinating, thrilling one helps to know about medieval history, full of fantasies and preferred by most people. So, to have grasp knowledge about the Viking book I would surely recommend you to have a glance at the Goodreads and also to know about the living ideology of the Viking group or troupe, every user must go and read all the books which I have explained as it has been considered as the best one.

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