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7 Epic Viking Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

The Viking lifestyle and consistent fascination in this piece of history have led to Viking festivals being popular around the world. Some of the most well-known Viking celebrations are known across the world, leading to tourists traveling from one continent to the next in order to attend them.

Many of these festivals consist of a variety of entertainment, each one focusing on something different from the age of the Vikings. Some of them provide family-friendly entertainment in the form of plays, music, and dancing. Others focus more on the brutality that the Vikings were known for. They were regarded as the fiercest warriors, and this is seen in live, safe demonstrations that feature combat with Viking weapons, fighting styles and Viking gear.

Other Viking celebrations may focus more on providing a Viking atmosphere with actors, clothing that looks authentic and Viking feasts. These festivals have a plethora of food available as well as entertainment and booths that sell Viking memorabilia.

Take a moment to view Viking events near you to decide if the events are of interest to you and your family.

1. Avaldsnes Viking Festival of Norway

Norway remains one of the countries with the highest number of Viking celebrations because the Vikings came from Norway, Sweden, and Scandanavia. There are festivals in this area year-round, ensuring that Viking lovers will always have a new one to attend.

The Avaldsnes Viking event is one of the most popular festivals in the area. This Viking festival takes place every year in west Norway. During this four day festival, people from all over Europe set up camp, dress as Vikings and enjoy the way of life. There is often a stage with plays or storytellers for entertainment. Booths sell food, crafts and more. Every day offers a new piece of the Viking lifestyle.

2. Lofotr Viking Festival of Norway

The Lofotr Viking event also takes place in Norway, the original home of the Vikings. This festival allows guests to enjoy a massive feast, musicians, and actors all at the same time. It is one of the more popular Viking festivals due to its authentic costumes and amazing entertainment.

Visitors will enjoy plenty of food while they listen to music from the Middle Ages, such as folk music. Although the Vikings were not known for enjoying music, it was still a part of their life.

3. Jorvik Viking Festival of England

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The Jorvik Viking event is one of the largest festivals in Europe. It lasts for days and is jam-packed with something for everyone. Booths to buy things provide visitors with Viking like merchandise.

Most of this is handmade to give items an authentic Viking feel. Workshops give people the chance to make their own as they learn what life was really like for the Vikings. These workshops often consist of methods that the Vikings were believed to have used for additional authentic appeal.

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Dramatic performances entrance crowds as two individuals combat each other. This performance is extremely popular, and it is important to remember that the men fighting are both actors. They often don replicated Viking clothing, and sometimes the audience will be left in awe as they brandish weapons.

Although popular, this performance might not appeal to young children. This festival has a little bit of everything that society has come to love about the Vikings, from their ruthless fighting style to their large meals.

4. Breckenridge Ullr Festival

This five-day-long festival takes place in Colorado, United States. It is placed during a time when snow is on the ground, providing the perfect backdrop for those that want to don their animal skin clothes and Viking helmets.

Every day is full of new events to keep visitors entertained. Every year, a local queen and king are announced and crowned. Other events include a comedy night, ice plunge, contests and much more.

5. Gudvangen Viking Festival and Market

This is more than just another Viking event. It is a time for people to truly experience the Viking lifestyle as they enjoy houses that are perfect replicas of the Viking homes.

It is home to the world’s largest Viking village, complete with authentic Viking buildings and modern Vikings participating in everyday Viking life such as building ships, making handmade artefacts and more. Visitors will get to enjoy one of the most authentic Viking experiences when they participate in this Viking celebration.

6. Abbey Medieval Festival

The Abbey Medieval Festival is not centered around the Vikings, but it is around the period of time that the Vikings were in existence so there are plenty of Viking related things involved in the festival.

A tournament on the final day is one of the main attractions. Performers are on stage all day so that everyone can take a break to relax while enjoying popular dances and music from the middle ages.

7. Felhiem Festival

This Viking festival takes place in Canada every year. It is one of the newer Viking events but remains a joy for anyone that attends. Enjoy dancing to lively music from the Middle Ages when the Vikings roamed the Earth. Walk from one attraction to another as you learn how the Vikings lived daily.

Then, take a break with delicious food while you watch performances to remind you of a time that was long, long ago. This festival lasts for days with new entertainment every day. There is something at this festival for people in every single age group.

Viking festivals are fun for everyone. Children often enjoy the performances on stage, music, and dancing that go hand in hand in these festivals. There is always something new to do as stages often have a continuous rotation of performers. Smaller acts may perform in the middle in other areas of the festival as well. This guarantees that children will never get bored.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of things for adults too. Adults can enjoy trying new food, the same entertainment that children will and participating in competitions, such as disk throwing or ice plunging. There is never a shortage of things to do at a Viking celebration.

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