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Top 12 Most Famous Vikings From History

There are many movies and tv series we have come across in our life, many characters will change our behavior, and we always tend to imitate their roles and attitudes from a movie. Likewise, Vikings had provided plenty of purely remarkable characters. There are a lot of movies, and series were broadcasted and reached higher heights.

It had produced many famous viking kings and warriors through the filmography. Many real-life characters were indulged, and it created a huge fan base.

This article let us decode the top and famous vikings and their roles in a descriptive way.

#1 – Thor

Thor one of the famous vikings and the best inspirational character in this movie Thor. Due to his anger management, he was banished to Earth from Asgard, and Odin also chants a spell on his Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) that only a worthy person can lift the hammer. Thor lifts the hammer and becomes the God of Thunder.

#2 – Beowulf

Beowulf, the Geatish warrior, sought by a Denmark king for help in this movie Beowulf and Grendel. Beowulf is the greatest warrior and made his way to take up the challenge to fight against the demon Grendel. His name will be arising while speaking of the greatest viking warrior names.

#3 – Hiccup 

In this movie How to train your dragon, Hiccup played an important role. He changed the perspective of his father and made him understand the dragon’s behavior. He also set free a night fury from the Viking trap and trained him to protect the Vikings.

#4 – Vladimir

One of the famous vikings of all time, Vladimir of the movie Viking speaks to his fans only through actions. After the death of his father, he lefts his palace and formed an army to regain his power in Sweden and marched towards his fortress against his half-brother.

#5 – Vicky

Vicky is a very young and weak boy in this movie Vicky the Viking, but somehow, he manages to outsmart others. He joins his father, who never believed him to find his kidnapped friend.  He played an inspirational role in this movie by rescuing his dearest buddy.

#6 – Kainan

Kainan, who accidentally meets the King Hrothgar and accepts to protect him and the kingdom. Kainan is the Alien warrior in this movie, Outlander. He wants to take revenge against a Morween alien in Scandinavia and protect the kingdom with his valor. He is one of the very few courageous vikingwarrior names to be remembered.

#7 – One-Eye

Valhalla Rising will take us to 1000 AD; this filmography tells the story of a mutant warrior, One-Eye. He was held as a captive and struggled for thriving his life. He later joins some Christian Vikings by revolting against the captors. He marched with them to claim back the Jerusalem.

#8 – Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan is a Muslim ambassador from being a poet; he turned into a famous viking. He holds hands with the Vikings to fight against the supernatural powers and becomes the 13th warrior; without him, the viking kingdom will be ruined. In this movie, he learned all the war skills in a short span.

#9 – Steiner

King Bagsecg of Great Britain was dying. He wants his elder estranged son to have the throne. He orders the prince Steiner to find his brother. Steiner, with his comrades, starts his quest and finds lots of family secrets. In the end, by his heroics, he becomes the famous vikings of all time.

#10 – Loki

Loki is the God of mischief; he always has many tricks and fools’ people, a chameleon. In this movie Thor, he helps the God of thunder to get back to Asgard. He was adopted brother to Thor. He played a major part in helping Thor.

#11 – Rune

Rune, the elder sister of a viking family. She was one of the viking names to be remembered forever. She helps her family get back to their father. She played the lead role in The Huntress: Rune of the Dead. She helps a wounded viking, and with his helps, she discovers her viking father.

#12 – Einar

Einar, the illegitimate son Ragnar Lodbrok. Einar sails from Italy through various troubles and reaches his father, the famous vikings king. Eric was the rightful heir of the king who hated his half-brother Einar. Both fights for the same girl, and the throne is the movie The Viking. 


These are the famous Vikings movie characters, which changed the way of making a fan following. Do watch these movies and characters if not yet seen them in action. 

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