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The 15 Hottest Female Vikings Characters – Amazing Pics from Real Life

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Viking is an Action and Adventure Drama that is set in the age of the Viking tribes. The brutal mystery surrounding the time of Ragnar Lothbrok is the story of his raids and journey through the oceans. Starting in 2013, Vikings has 6 seasons and has been running for seven long years. With the release, the series had become an instant hit. One of the things that have caught every eye is the set of beautiful women who have been cast for the show.

People have loved these Female Vikings characters. Along with several other characters, they have brought the show to life with their mesmerizing acting and fierce personality. These dangerous women have perfectly presented in the show why not mess around them.  With the aggressive nature they portray, the women are smoking hot in the show.

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Here is a list of all such female Vikings characters in the show who stole the screen with their beauty and hotness.

#1. Karen Hassan

female Vikings characters
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Role – Therese

Karen Hassan is, without a doubt, one of the hottest in the industry. The Irish-born actress was cast for the role of Therese in the show Vikings. The picture of hers in the blue bikini flaunts her beach body. Her exotic look with a perfect self as she is has set a standard for all the hotness.

Her role in Vikings as Therese was beautiful and was portrayed in a stunning manner. The “The Fall” actress has taken over the hearts of the fans by storm with her Godly beauty and hot body.

#2. Gaia Weiss

Gaia Weiss- female Vikings characters
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Role – Porunn

Gaia Weiss as Porunn in Viking is no less than what we can call beautiful. The stunning Gaia Weiss has seen to have a balance between her acting and modeling career with a way to flaunt her hotness. Her picture in the pink bikini with a diaphragm high lower shows the perfect body she has and how hot she is.

The beautiful blond actress got her way into the industry by acting as Porunn in Vikings and has got to work in a few movies since then. However, we cannot see more of her as Porunn in the series anymore, but we do miss the beautiful actress and a fierce woman there.

#3. Alicia Agneson

Alicia Agneson - female Vikings characters
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Role – Freydis

Alicia Agneson is now a social media icon. Her role as Freydis is amazing. The Swedish actress is steamy, and her pictures and roles do justice to it as well. Her beauty is long-standing, and there is no one who can deny that we want to see her often on the big screen.

Alicia Agneson played the former slave Freydis in the show Viking. Her versatility as an actress is quite evident from the show. Her acting as the slave vs. the queen is at a great height. Agneson is another actress who has won over the fans with her acting as well as her beauty. 

#4. Morgane Polanski

Morgane Polanski -  female Vikings characters
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Role – Princess Gisla

Morgane Polanski is hands-off an amazing actress. Her role as Princess Gisla has won over the hearts of many men. The way the stylists have to flaunt her is stunning. Morgane Polanski is, without a doubt, a sensational beauty.

We sure do not see her quite often anymore, but Princess Gisla was a positively savage lady, and we do wish to see her on the show. Polanski has become very famous for her role as PrincessGisla in Vikings. Her acting career has also taken her to the direction of the movie “The Understudy,” which got the appreciation it deserved. The actress is beautiful, hot, and has loads of talent. 

#5. Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick - female Vikings characters
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Role – Lagertha

Katheryn Winnick’s role as Lagertha was in Vikings astounding. In the series, she is fearless and one of the most powerful viking women. She is no less in real life. She has earned the title of “The Karate Kid,” making her way into the material art since she was seven.

A master of a total of seven languages, the linguist actress is beautiful and smart. Winnick’s picture in a black off-shoulder jumpsuit is stunning. Her beauty is something we cannot get enough of. Playing Lagertha must not have been such a difficult task for her due to her linguistic history.

#6. Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig -  female Vikings characters
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Role – Siggy Haraldson

Jessalyn Gilsig is beautiful and sexy. Her role as Siggy Haraldson in the show Vikings is exotic. The actress has been amazing in many of her past work of hers and, to date, continues to make several hearts skip a beat.

She is as exotic in real life, as seen in the reel life. Her full matt black jumpsuit in an off-shoulder pattern with a self-design tie belt not only complements her beauty but also rests perfectly and complements her body as well. The hot actress is no less when it comes to fashion statements. She paired the outfit up with a black pump and topped it with volumized straight hair. The look is an absolute killer.

#7. Alyssa Sutherland

Alyssa Sutherland -  female Vikings characters
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Role – Aslaug

It is true that we could not watch a lot of Alyssa Sutherland as Aslaug in the show Vikings. Till the time she was on the screen for the drama, she was shown in a beautiful and elegant way. Her ravishing beauty has been captured in her modeling career since she was 15, and has worked for magazines such as Vogue. Her picture in Vogue had gained her the first break in Hollywood, and the picture is steaming.

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The glamor of the industry took beauty like her. Her modeling career allowed her to be featured in international magazines and work with huge companies like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. She is an actress as well as a model and has reached great heights with the same.

#8. Josefin Asplund

Josefin Asplund-  female Vikings characters
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Role – Astrid

JosefinAsplund is a stunning actress and has an erotic personality and looks. She makes a great Viking. Her casual pictures flaunt her beautiful eyes and her pouted lips. Her hair falls perfectly in the picture and is looking beautiful in the picture.

Asplaund got her big break from the movie “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and won her place as a great actress with the same back in 2011. Her cast in Viking as Astrid has also shown how versatile of an actress she is. The actress is not only beautiful but also steamy, even in the casual pictures. 

#9. Jennie Jacques

Jennie Jacques -  female Vikings characters
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Role – Judith

Jennie Jacques playing Judith in the show Viking is a stunning actress and a beautiful woman. As we hope to see more of her even on the big screen, we also get the privilege to see her in the hot pictures that flaunts all her features that make her beautiful. 

Her acting career in the TV show sector is quite good, and she has done a few memorable characters, for this instance, Judith. She is another epitome of beauty that we all look up to. There is no doubt that we would love to see her on the silver screen.

Finally, there is no doubt to it that the casting crew of Vikings has cast a few of the sexiest and steamy women to play a part in the epic show. There is no way of how hot and beautiful these actresses are. The pictures put up leaves everyone awestruck, and the steamy actresses are incomparable.

#10. Amy Bailey

Amy Bailey - female Vikings characters
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Playing Queen Kewentrith of Mercia, the gorgeous Amy Bailey’s character suffers a nasty death in Season 4. The character is based on Kwentrith, a Mercian princess. Her name means “woman of power”. How awesome is that! Amy, an American actress, starred in shows like Dominion, Supercollider (in a leading role) and much more.

Her forte is usually comedy, and it’s quite rare to see her step into work like Vikings. She has extensive theatre experience, which leads to various works in film, television, and fashion and improv comedy. Q

#11. Karina McAdams

Karina McAdams - female Vikings characters

Smouldering actress Karina McAdams owes her stunning looks to an extensive Iris, Greek and Moroccan ancestry. She plays the character of Kassia beautifully.

She’s also worked for the 2017 series Fearless, with bigger and better pastures after Vikings. Her bibliography includes popular names like AVP: Alien vs Predator, Sherlock Holmes and much more.

#12. Maude Hirst

 Maude Hirst -  female Vikings characters
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The character of Helga is played by the undoubtedly lovely actress Maude Hurst. She’s one of the characters with a good fate in the show, as she falls in love and gets to have a family.

Being the daughter of the creator of the show, she also has other credits to her name, for example, the character of Kay Ashley (The Tudors). Maude and her character, Helga, are highly empathetic and like to see the best in people. They carefully observe every aspect of a situation, so it’s quite easy for Maude to play Helga beautifully.

#13. Georgia Hirst

Georgia Hirst -  female Vikings characters
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Younger sisterof Helga Hirst and daughter to Gorge Hirst, she assays the character of Tori. She studied at the Drama Centre, London, which is quite a hefty credential. With her almost Scandinavian looks, she’s famous for her sense of humour.

Her Twitter feed has gained quite an appreciation among fans. The way she posts about Vikings shows clearly how much she likes being a part of it!

#14. Anna Astrom

Anna Astrom -  female Vikings characters
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Even though she’s appeared in only one episode, like Hild, she took the Internet by storm due to her stunning looks. A Swedish actress, she has worked in the film Pure and also gained fame due to her role of Elin in the horror television series Black Lake.

Her innocent looks lead her into a variety of genres quite well, and we look forward to any future appearances of hers in the show as well.

#15. Sarah Greene

Sarah Greene - female Vikings characters
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Sarah plays Princes Judith of Northumbria, daughter of King Aelle and wife to Prince Aethelwulf. She’s one of the few cast members who hail from Viking’s filming home town of Dublin.

She was notorious for playing May Lacy in the mini-series Rebellion, with a pivotal role in Penny Dreadful. She’s appeared in several films and has had quite a notable arsenal of co-stars, like Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple of an Irishman and Bradley Cooper in Burnt.

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