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Vikings: Is Vikings Worth Watching After Ragnar Died?

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Vikings take us to the era, full of mysteries and brutality, of Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar belonged to a family of farmers and later rose as the king of the Vikings tribe.

The Vikings came to the highest point in the 4th season, showing Ragnar’s death. And this causes many viewers to feel bad and hurt. But as Ragnar was getting older, he started experiencing an existential crisis, so it was good that his life came to an end.

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The psychology

The character of Ragnar Lothbrok was so strong that the viewers didn’t wish to watch the further seasons.

On top of that, the writers didn’t even create or add new strength and the main character; instead, they left the show going on with the remaining characters, which didn’t go well as expected, and the viewer’s psychology plays an important role.

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This brings a question: Is Vikings worth watching after Ragnar died?

Well, although you will miss your favorite and the main character, you must not miss watching what goes ahead. You might not feel quite interested, but you might end up enjoying it. Many viewers say it is not the same as the other four seasons, but watching at least five seasons of Vikings is worth watching.

You can easily predict the characters beyond the 4th season. But it is not their fault; as viewers, you were made to admire the main character. However, the show somehow improved by showing his sons taking his responsibilities. They showed that just like Ragnar and his brother, even his sons parted ways into two. They showed Björn and Ubbe on one side and Ivar and Hvitserk on the other side.

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Ragnar’s death was necessary

Well, Ragnar’s death gave a chance for the story to move ahead; otherwise, it wouldn’t have moved ahead and slowed down. It was Ivar, Ragnar’s son, who kept the show alive. Ivar was more intelligent than his father and used tricks to defeat his enemy. Ivar saved the show and barely gave viewers a chance to miss Ragnar.

So, the overall view is that you will get to know the story and the work of all the characters after his death. How they managed the power, conquered, and established their power. Ivan went to the north and captured the city of York. At the same time, Bjorn and Halfdan went and were having a good time on their Mediterranean cruise.

The further story goes on with their guide (Sinric)  taking them to the city of Sicily, where they get hired as the bodyguard by Commander  Euphemius. There they meet a Christian Nun, Kassai, for whose kidnap, Commander was imprisoned. Later, they went to North Africa to meet Ziyadat Allah, who later killed the commander. But Bjorn, Halfdan, and Sinric successfully escaped in the storm.

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And the story continues and goes quite interesting till the end of season 5. It is worth watching the further story if you have reached till here. Keeping aside your favorite character’s death, if you like thrill, action, and drama, then you must watch it without any biases and prerequisites in your mind.


The seasons after Ragnor’s death might not be as impactful as when he was there in the show, but the show must go on for the viewers who actually love to find out what’s next. You will still find action, drama, thrills in the further season.

You should keep aside all the previous thoughts of the season and enjoy watching what is gonna come next. Ragnor’s son continues the story and keeps it interesting till the end.

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