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5 Reasons Why Lagertha Is The Ultimate Viking Queen

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Why Lagertha is the ultimate Viking queen many of you ask this question so Lagertha born a farmer but turned into a shield woman, Lagertha was a true Viking to the core. Throughout the series, her story saw many changes. However, the most significant arc was when she became the queen of Kattegat. Truly, she has every quality to be a great Viking ruler, something made obvious in this arc.

Here Are Five Reasons why Lagertha Is The Ultimate Viking Queen.

1. Her No-Nonsense Attitude

The first thing to mention when it comes to reasons why Lagertha is the ultimate Viking queen through and through is her personality. After all, a land ruled by a strong and capable ruler is a land worth ruling. Lagertha is no stranger to going for what she wants and makes no apologies for her actions.

2. Inner self-Respect 

Lagertha does what she believes in, and no one can shift her allegiance. Clearly, it is one of her best qualities and what makes her such a good queen. Indeed, one such incident occurred at the beginning itself when she was staying in Kattegat without Ragnar.

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A man asks for her help wondering about the paternity of the child his wife gave birth to. In reply, Lagertha invokes the name of Heimdall and tells the man to not harm the wife or the child. If anything happens to either of them, he would be answerable to Lagertha herself.

Again, when she finds out that her husband had a son with Princess Aslaug, she immediately broke things off with Ragnar. Lagertha does not compromise on her self-worth.

3. Lagertha is a True Warrior

Reasons Why Lagertha Is the Ultimate Viking Queen
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In a show like Vikings, there is no place for soft women in the harsh politics and wars, something that Lagertha is not. In fact, she is strong enough to give strong competition to a lot of men. Swift and deadly, she is no stranger to killing. If you have any doubt, see the first few episodes themselves.

4. Her Origin Story

Born to a family of farmers, Lagertha did not let that be the defining characteristic of her life. After marrying Ragnar Lothbrok, she was thrust into the life of a queen. However, despite the changes in her lifestyle and her as a warrior, she never forgot her people.

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When she became the Earl of Hedeby, and subsequently the Queen of Kattegat, Lagertha always kept the good of the people on her mind. Out of all the rulers that have appeared on the series, arguably, Lagertha is one of the best ones.

5. Her Connection To Ragnar

No matter what characters and ships you like, there is one thing you cannot ignore is Lagertha’s connection with her husband, Ragnar. As his first love, Lagertha has an important place in his heart. Aside from that, she was also the mother of his firstborn.

Even after he brought another woman into the picture, the connection between the two was hard to severe. After Ragnar’s death, she ruled his people keeping in mind what he envisioned. Despite their volatile history, Ragnar was an important part of her life and she never let go of it even after his death. That is the epitome of a strong connection.

Therefore, there is no question regarding why Lagertha is a ultimate Viking queen in every sense of the word.

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