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Top Shows like Vikings – Fans Should Watch Next

Has Vikings been one of the shows for you that made you so involved in it that you are almost a part of it in your head? Do you love it so much that you cannot ever get enough of it? Or do you simply want to stream some other shows like vikings?

Then, you have tapped the right button to browse appropriately. There are plenty of shows which any Vikings fan will admire. The only thing one needs to cope with the hangover of such a hyped show is to still have some of its elements around.

There is a list of some of the shows that none of the Vikings fans want to miss. The list has been compiled to keep in mind that everything from the show’s storyline, star cast, to its streaming platform is acknowledged by the readers. To get some binge-watch therapy, continue reading till the end to get started.

Go through the whole article if you want to know all of them or choose any one of them by going through the summary mentioned below their names:

#1 – The Last Kingdom

It is a show that is about history, war, courage, love, loyalty, and searching for one’s identity created by Stephen Butchard. Its plot is based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel series, Saxon Stories. It shares most of the Viking’s elements that make it a top one among a list of shows similar to vikings. The main lead of the series is Uhtred of Bebbanburg, portrayed by Alexander Dreymon, who is a Saxon but raised by Vikings. It even has some characters that were present in Vikings.

Available to watch on Netflix.

#2 – Knightfall

The show’s impact can be estimated via its star cast, which involves an avenger in it. It has a setting of the 14th century following the story of the Knights Templar, Landry de Lauzon, and the Crusades. It’s all about his faith being shattered as he finds out about the Holy Grail. One can find the successes, failures, Templar’s suppression, and persecution in this historical drama.

Streaming online on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Videos.

#3 – Real Vikings

If you wish that there should be more shows about vikings, Real Vikings is something you need to turn to. It was produced, keeping the fanbase of Vikings in mind to give them some more insights about Vikings and their origin. The show was made by seeking help from the team of History network and Vikings’ stars. This four-episode long journey will take you to the history of the Vikings and their culture that gives you more feelings of belongingness. Real Vikings has everything that makes it a must-watch for Vikings fans.

You can find it on Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix.

#4 – The Witcher

Another show that coincides with the political aspects similar to Vikings. The show is based on the fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski’s. The plot follows the story of a monster hunter, Geralt of Revia; Henry Cavill well portrays that. The story also follows a battle that is stretched between a brutish empire and several independent nation-states. All these events, including war, political drama, etc. are enough to prove that it stands among the shows like vikings.

Available on Netflix.

#5 – Spartacus

Spartacus is a period show that takes the viewer back to 72 B.C and has a set of Roman Empire. This series resembles Vikings as per its violence and blood-shedding scenes. It follows gladiators that clarifies the fact why the show has maximum murder scenes in it. It is not wrong to consider it to be the most violent series ever produced. Therefore, if the warfare, blood-shedding, and battleground in Vikings intrigues you, this show will interest you surely.

Available on Prime Videos.

#6 – The Tudors

The Tudor is another fascinating creation of Viking’s director, Michael Hirst. It is all about King Henry VIII, a young ruler who is infamous for his competitive and lustful monarchy—having the setup of the 16th century and a theme that revolves around the King’s ruling in England. It is considered as one of the shows like vikings on Netflix. The reasons behind this consideration are its star cast, theme, historical background, and many more coinciding aspects between both the shows.

Watch it online on Netflix and Prime Video.

#7 – Medici

The journey of Medici is just three seasons and 24 episodes long that any Vikings lover can enjoy without investing too much of their time. It is a historical drama by Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer. The series is all about the Medici Family during Renaissance Florence. The similarity between Medici and Vikings is that both of them have political aspects in their plot. In Medici, the family encounters a different period in every season. The plot, story, and style of narration of Medici put it in the list of shows like vikings.

Available to watch on Netflix.


These seven shows will be the perfect alternatives that resemble Vikings in most of the aspects.

These web shows are perfect for making sure that you can wait patiently for the last season of Vikings to be aired officially.

All these shows are worth watching. It is a perfect list to pitch in if you are tired of browsing yourself to give your eyes a digital treat. This will surely give you a second favorite after Vikings that you can recommend to the fans of Vikings. The above list has all the shows like vikings and has the most interesting storylines and characters well portrayed by the incredible star cast. Some of them even have Oscar-winning actors like Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden. This is enough to show that these shows are worth watching for any fan of Vikings.

So choose your favorite spot to binge-watch the above-mentioned shows that can give you the theme, feel, and excitement similar to Vikings.

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