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Ideas for Viking Tattoos

The age of Vikings may have passed, but their way of life still fascinates many of us even in the 21st century. It is a well-known fact about Vikings that they were ancient Norse-sea experts who were originally from Scandinavia and did everything from exploring, trading, looting, and colonizing. Something about them, maybe their sheer ruggedness, their wild adventures, battles they fought with handmade weapons, and how they thrived for over 4 centuries has made people remember them all this while and get inspired. One thing that really strikes a chord with the masses is the kind of tattoos that are associated with Vikings. It is widely considered that Viking people were covered heavily in tattoos, but there is hardly any solid proof of that. However, Viking tattoos are always in demand since they signify toughness, warrior-like mindset, and even look aesthetic.

Here are a few ideas in case you’re looking to get inked in Viking beliefs:

1. The Valknut Tattoo

The Valknut is the Norse symbol consisting of three interlocking triangles. Valknut is made up of two words- ‘Valr’: Slain warriors and ‘Knut’: Knots. The symbol has been found inscribed on many Viking ships and belongings. While there is no solid reason behind the Valknut symbol, some theories suggest that the interconnected triangles were somewhat related to death.

2. Ouroboros Tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of a snake consuming its own tale and coming one full circle. Getting a Norse tattoo like Ouroboros symbolizes the complete yet never-ending journey of life. Namely, it is the serpent Jormungandr, one of the three children of Loki and Angrboda.

3. Yggdrasil – The Tree of Life

As in almost all mythologies, the tree of life plays a big role in the Norse mythology as well. It is believed that Yggdrasil is a huge tree that keeps the nine worlds connected and holds them together. The tree of life is considered sacred amongst the Norse people. It symbolizes that everything is interconnected and works in accordance with the other. Yggdrasil was considered the Universe’s spine and the spine of all existence that holds the world together.

4. Aegishjalmur – The Helm of Awe

The Norse word pronounced as “eye-gish-hiowlm-er” translates into the Helm of Awe or the Helm of Terror. This symbol is considered to be one of the most powerful symbols in Norse mythology. Many Viking warriors used to get this Norse tattoo drawn on their forehead or any other part of their body before going to war since they derived power from it and held it to the highest regard.

5. Huginn and Muninn – The Twin Ravens of Odin

Odin is the one-eyed all-father that overlooks everything in the Universe. It is believed that Huginn and Muninn were Odin’s pet ravens that brought information from all around the world. It is also believed that ravens were considered as Odin’s very own consciousness signifying his presence everywhere in the world.

6. Mjölnir – The Hammer of Thor

One of the most recognized Viking tattoo, Mjölnir, or Thor’s hammer is a symbol that most people have seen at least once in their lives. Thor, the Norse god, is hugely famous because of the Marvel comic character based on Thor. Thor’s hammer signifies strength, protection, and power to its bearer. It is a symbol of pure strength.

7. The Web of Wyrd – The Matrix of Fate

In Norse mythology, Norns were the shapers of destiny. The Web of Wyrd was believed to be a spiritual web woven by the Norns; it is also considered the matrix of fate. Just like Karma’s notion in the present day and age, the Web of Wyrd was a symbolic representation of an infinite cycle of how one’s actions might affect their future. It speaks mostly about how one’s actions in the past shape up their present, and the actions taken in the present affect their future.

8. Vegvisir – Shows the Right Path

Amongst other Viking tattoos, Vegvisir symbol can be the perfect choice for all travelers and explorers out there. Vegvisir is a spiritually believed to be a good omen and bring good luck to all those who need it. Since many Vikings were explorers and used to travel by ships, this symbol was used to find the right path through the waters. It was believed that if one carries this sign, they could never be lost or on the wrong path.

9. The Triskelion – The Triple Horns of Odin

The Triskelion is a symbol made up of a triple horn-like structure, interwoven with each other. Each one named Óðrœrir, Boðn and Són, is known to contain a mixture of blood from Kvasir, a man who could answer any question proposed to him. The three horns are meant to symbolize wisdom in Norse mythology but can also be seen as a symbol for evolution, the life and death cycle, and the way of life.

10. The Sun Wheel

Getting a Norse tattoo like the sun wheel symbolizes the deep and profound respect for Norse culture. It is meant to be a talisman (a good omen) bringing positivity, luck, and goodness all around. It is similar to the Swastika symbol and carries the same spiritual value as that. Since the change in times and traditions, many people have started believing this ancient symbol to be a positive talisman and a homage to the sun god.

11. The Troll Cross – Viking symbol for protection

This Troll Cross symbol is a bent piece of metal worn as an amulet by Norse people in order to protect them from bad luck, negativity, and dark magic. It is the ultimate form of belief in one’s heritage and traditions. Usually, people get the Troll Cross tattooed in order to fight off any evil or harm that comes their way.


Hope you enjoyed reading through these suitable options for a Viking tattoo that signifies strength and looks intense and meaningful when inked!

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