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25+ Ideas for Viking Tattoos

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The age of Vikings may have passed, but their way of life still fascinates many of us even in the 21st century. It is a well-known fact about Vikings that they were ancient Norse-sea experts who were originally from Scandinavia and did everything from exploring, trading, looting, and colonizing.

Something about them, maybe their sheer ruggedness, their wild adventures, battles they fought with handmade weapons, and how they thrived for over 4 centuries has made people remember them all this while and get inspired.

One thing that really strikes a chord with the masses is the kind of tattoos that are associated with Vikings. It is widely considered that Viking people were covered heavily in tattoos, but there is hardly any solid proof of that.

However, Viking tattoos are always in demand since they signify toughness, warrior-like mindset, and even look aesthetic.

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Here are a few ideas in case you’re looking to get inked in Viking beliefs:

1. Viking Valknut Tattoo

Among all the complex Viking designs, some simple and plain tattoos are also available, just like the Valknut tattoo. It’s basically three interlocking triangles with nine ends that represent the journey to the afterlife.

You can express the brevity and morality you believe and also let the people know that you aren’t afraid of death. It shows that you are prepared to maintain both lives on earth and in heaven.

Valknut tattoo is an excellent minimalist way of crafting body art with the simplest but strongest message. Moreover, you can get it linked in body parts due to its size and shapes without much detailing.


2. Viking Ouroboros Tattoo

Ouroboros tattoo is visually an around-shape snake eating its own tail. This design represents eternity life. It interconnects the life, death and rebirth that is quite striking than any random Viking tattoos.

This powerful symbolism is an interesting design and also a conversation starter that shows your thoughts about the eternity of life. Along with the round snake, you can make the design more attractive by adding some symbols or runes.

It also makes the tattoo more meaningful and unique, that’s what you may want.

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3. Viking Yggdrasil Tattoo

As in almost all mythologies, the tree of life plays a big role in Norse mythology as well. It is believed that Yggdrasil is a huge tree that keeps the nine worlds connected and holds them together.

The tree of life is considered sacred amongst the Norse people. It symbolizes that everything is interconnected and works in accordance with the other. Yggdrasil was considered the Universe’s spine and the spine of all existence that holds the world together.

If you want a tattoo that represents destiny, cosmos, wisdom and power, a Yggdrasil tattoo is all you need. You can tailor the design with more symbols like ravens, runes, etc. to make it cool to look at.


4. Viking The Helm of Awe Tattoo

In Norse mythology,  Helm of Awe was an Icelandic magical stave. The Norse word pronounced as “eye-gish-hiowlm-er” translates into the Helm of Awe or the Helm of Terror.

This symbol is considered to be one of the most powerful symbols in Norse mythology. Many Viking warriors used to get this Norse tattoo drawn on their forehead or any other part of their body before going to war since they derived power from it and held it to the highest regard.

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5. Viking Huginn and Muninn Tattoo

In Norse mythology, there are so many fascinating stories about the Huginn and Muninn ravens. Both raven Huginn and Muninn are close to the God Odin as they keep their eyes on the Midgard to collect information and provide Odin.

They represent the power of the Almighty where Huginn represents memory and Muninn represents thoughts. You can get a Huginn and Muninn tattoo on your arms or legs. You can choose any one of the ravens or both the ravens in a scenario.

A raven associated with the picture of Odin or a Viking warrior will also be a powerful tattoo to be shown in expressing your personality.


6. Mjölnir Viking Thor Hammer Tattoo

Mjölnir is basically the hammer of Thor that represents strength, brevity and courage. With a strong personality, you can make a tattoo inked in your arms or chest with a beautiful hammer to express yourself as strong, powerful and also soulful.

It is said that Thor used this hammer to fight with the giants and defeated them with a powerful staff.

The Hammer tattoo on your arm is a great way to tell people that you’re desperate to get the things you want and the things you care about.

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7. Viking Web of Wyrd Tattoo

In Norse mythology, Norns were the shapers of destiny. The Web of Wyrd was believed to be a spiritual web woven by the Norns; it is also considered the matrix of fate.

Just like Karma’s notion in the present day and age, the Web of Wyrd was a symbolic representation of an infinite cycle of how one’s actions might affect their future.

It speaks mostly about how one’s actions in the past shape up their present, and the actions are taken in the present affect their future. 


8. Vegvisir Viking Compass Tattoo

Havinga Viking compass as a tattoo on your body is always considered as good luck on a journey. It’s believed that you will be guided to save yourself from storms or any kind of difficulties in your journey.

If you want body artwork related to direction, protection and also guidance, Vegvisir Viking Compass Tattoo will be the most preferable. This tattoo is a combination of eight rune strevs.

Vikings believed that this tattoo is going to guide them in the sea and also help to make important decisions in life. 

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9. Viking Triskelion Tattoo

The Triskelion is a symbol made up of a triple horn-like structure, interwoven with each other. Each one named Óðrœrir, Boðn and Són, is known to contain a mixture of blood from Kvasir, a man who could answer any question proposed to him.

The three horns are meant to symbolize wisdom in Norse mythology but can also be seen as a symbol for evolution, the life and death cycle, and the way of life.

Choosing the Triskelion tattoo is a good way to show beautiful and wise body art in a small area. But you can also make it intricate by adding some runes or symbols of Viking with this tattoo.


10. Viking Sun Wheel Tattoo

Getting a Norse tattoo like the sun wheel symbolizes the deep and profound respect for Norse culture. It is meant to be a talisman (a good omen) bringing positivity, luck, and goodness all around.

You can get a black sun wheel in your arms with a maat colour to make it cool to see. It is similar to the Swastika symbol and carries the same spiritual value as that.

Since the change in times and traditions, many people have started believing this ancient symbol to be a positive talisman and a homage to the sun god. 

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11. Viking Troll Cross Tattoo

This Troll Cross symbol is a bent piece of metal worn as an amulet by Norse people in order to protect them from bad luck, negativity, and dark magic. It is definitely a powerful tattoo idea to keep yourself away from the people who are harmful to you.

It is the ultimate form of belief in one’s heritage and traditions. Usually, people get the Troll Cross tattooed in order to fight off any evil or harm that comes their way. You can get the tattoo on your elbow or neck or anywhere you want.


12. Traditional Viking Tattoo

Having tattoos can be a great way of expressing personal information, social hierarchy and also your identity. Traditional Viking tattoos are all about the respect and honour of the notorious raiders and warriors.

People are drawn to Viking tattoos because they have the deep gratitude of the Medieval World. Well, warriors of that time believed that they should cover the body with tattoos as much as possible and choose a rear that is wide enough for a large tattoo.

If you do this, you should pick intricate patterns and symbols. That is a combination of several images and tells a story of a significant incident. Arms, shoulder, back and chest are the best places to get such a big tattoo done.

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13. Viking Rune Tattoo

Opting for a Rune tattoo can be the best way of telling a story through body artwork. Rune is basically an ancient and traditional Viking alphabet with meaningful symbolism. There are around 24 alphabets there and each of them is meaningful.

So, if you want, you can make a nice arrangement of a few rune alphabets to tell a story. Thanks to the way the symbols can be recreated with each other.

It looks really awesome. If you don’t want a big size tattoo, just a simpler and smaller one, Viking Rune Tattoo can be the best option for you. You can do it with your finger if you want. But, if you are okay with the rib or spine, you are most welcome.


14. Viking Berserker Tattoo

Are you opting for a tattoo that represents fearlessness and strength? Well, you won’t get anything better than the Viking Berserker Tattoo, in that case. This tattoo represents the strength and fury you have inside.

The story behind this tattoo is really warm and inspiring. In the Viking age, Berserker was a brave soldier who fought with incredible rage and without fear. They were unbelievably skilled and fought without fear in mind.

People who want to let the world know that they are not the staff of being messed up can get a Viking Berserker tattoo done as a sign of courage and warriors.

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15. Viking Warrior Tattoo

We all know that the word ‘Viking’ represents the barbarian nature and also the hooligan. But they also were examples of fearlessness and skilled individuals.

Well, a Viking warrior tattoo is the representative of strength and brevity you have inside, just like those Viking warriors in the battleground.

This world is still a battleground and you can show determination and ferociousness. You have to face all the odds through this tattoo. You can choose a combined symbol of some runes and weapons to make the tattoo look even more powerful.


16. Viking Axe Tattoo

Viking’s most common weapon was the axe. Getting a Viking axe tattoo represents brevity, power and protection. Viking meridians used axes with different designs on them.

You can get a beautifully designed axe on your body to make it more meaningful and also a storyteller. You can choose a combination of runes along with the floral design.

Well, as the axe requires a wide place to be drawn nicely, you should choose an open place. Legs and arms are the perfect places to draw an axe due to its shape. You can also customize an axe with a tight handful grip.

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17. Viking Skull Tattoo

One of the deadliest Viking tattoos is the skull tattoo. This is a universally known symbol that represents death and termination. At the same time, it expresses a person who doesn’t fear death and leads a life with the fact that death is inevitable.

You can have a skull tattoo to show yourself as a brave and fearless soul who accepts life as it is and maintains it better than others. You can use a combination of ravens, symbols, or runes to tailor a meaningful design.


18. Viking Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos represent unity and bond with families. But in the Viking kingdom, wolf tattoos have a very special story. We found a very special wolf in Norse mythology named Fenrir.

Fenrir was basically the son of god Loki and also the slaughter of the Allfather, Odin. This is why the wolf is known as the symbol of the miscreant. At the same time, Fenrir also represents strength, fearlessness and power.

So, this tattoo is kinda popular with young stars who love to expose themselves as brave ones. To make the tattoo cooler, you can add some other images inside like an image of God Odin.

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19. Viking Ship Tattoo

Vikings were nothing without their ships when it was about conquering the lands and raids in different kingdoms. In fact, the Viking vessel was the biggest invention at that time and also a beginning of travel or journey. The long vessels had animal shaped prows.

Sometimes it was a dragon face and sometimes a snake to make people frightened of them. This Viking ship tattoo also represents the disparity to succeed in life and also the tendency to take risks. Maybe that’s why you will see this tattoo in even more and more people. 


20. Viking Raven Tattoo

Viking raven tattoo bears the deeper story of Norse mythology. A bird named Raven had great importance. With intelligence, this bird was dark and mysterious as well. Even Odin had the raven to keep an eye over Midgard and get information to him.

The bird in a tattoo will be something inspirational that represents your intelligence and talent. Sometimes, it also represents death, pain along with keeping the eye on the battleground. You can associate the tattoo with some other rune or symbols to make the tattoo more expressive.

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21. Viking Sword Tattoo

Vikings played in the war very cruelly and strongly. As we said before, they always used the axe in war. But sharp swords were another most-used weapon in the medieval period.

Having a sword in a tattoo is a very expressive way to let people know about your brevity, protection and courage. You can arrange the tattoo to have some other symbols and runes to make the body art an amazing stand-alone piece with a unique meaning.


22. Simple Viking Tattoo

Almost all Viking tattoos are big and complicated that requires a big space to be drawn. Each of them takes a long-time to be processed and also requires a big amount that can be problematic to some people.

Well, many people also don’t want to have a big tattoo. A simpler and minimalistic approach makes them happier. You can choose a simple Viking tattoo like a few lines or a few runes.

It requires limited space and also very little money. So, get one done in your favourite body parts to make the look super-cool.

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23. Viking Forearm Tattoo

Inked in a Viking tattoo in the forearm is very common around. Well, the reasons are many. Basically, the forearm area is wide enough to get a tattoo with powerful statements and awesome detailing.

This area is ideal for inking a tattoo because it’s less painful due to its thin skin and muscle type. You can cover a big tattoo here like a Viking longship or an axe or a dagger or even more than one of them. To make Viking-inspired intricate designs, the forearm is an ideal place, so far.


24. Viking Arm Tattoo

Among all of your body parts, your arm is the best place to get inked, we guess. To get a meaningful Viking tattoo for expressing yourself and your thoughts, it’s crucial for the tattoo to be in detail and it makes the tattoo more intricate.

The arm area is big enough to cover up a whole story of your inspiration or struggle. The area is ideal because of the muscle type it has which is low in pain moderation.

Besides, this is the place that will allow you to cover the tattoo and also show off when you want.

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25. Viking Head Tattoo

Getting a head tattoo is undoubtedly a daring task in the present time. It was pretty popular for the Vikings to get a tattoo on their bald head. In terms of visibility, it gets 10 on 10.

You have no option for covering it up that is definitely a downside of this kind of tattoo. Besides, the process will be a bit painful due to the skin type and nerve ensigns.

But apart from all the pains, having a head tattoo proves your braveness and your bold characteristics.


26. Viking Chest Tattoo

If you want to keep something lovable and memorable close to your heart, a chest tattoo is the best thing you can do. Getting a tattoo inked in the chest area proves that you want to keep the symbols or message forever with you and there is no best place for that.

Truly! A wide area like the chest is the ideal place for crafting the tattoo with every detail because you won’t feel the shortage of space here. Yes, the process might be a bit painful as the skin is close to the chest bone.

To avoid extreme pain, you can avoid the collarbone and sternum area. However, a Viking chest tattoo always looks good with both black ink and any bold colour regardless of the design. 

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27. Viking Back Tattoo

Spending money and getting serious pain on something that is invisible to you must be something precious. Having a back tattoo is just like that. In Viking back tattoo, you’ll get a wide area to design a tattoo with details and integrity.

So, covering up the whole flat area will be very easy and comfortable for the artist but may not be for you. Back tattoo is painful due to your spine and sometimes it gets serious.

So, think about it before getting into the process because there is a high risk of infection, as well. 



Hope you enjoyed reading through these suitable options for a Viking tattoo that signifies strength and looks intense and meaningful when inked!

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