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Where Did the Vikings Come From and Who Were They?


About Vikings, they were the group of the people who used to conquer a particular region or the country and the colonist who came from the sub-region in Northern Europe, which is the combination of a group of the countries, i.e., Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. So, in short, the Vikings were the intruder, beast of prey, and uncultured people who often portray themselves as the one-dimensional warriors whose achievement includes little more than stealing artistic material or goods with the usage of their ferocious power.

But, still, it is uncertain that from where did the Vikings come from and they were so much aggressive and atheistic? So, let’s quickly find out much more by analyzing the real history of the Viking world.

When and where did the Vikings come from?

European history reveals that the Viking age exists from the 700 to 1100 century. Vikings emerge from the places which are now known as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and about their homeland, which was the devastating rural place as, at that time, there was no town exists. The majority of the people earned their modest living by engaging themselves in the agriculture and fishing occupation along the coastline area. During the Viking era, boats have been sailed through the sails rather than using only the oars. Further, they are added to the vessels which are made up of overlapping the timber wood to create the huge longships, and high-speed shallow drafted boats used to navigate the coastal area, inland waters and to berth the ship on the beach area.

The dressing style of Viking people was quite different as they never used to wear the horned helmets and referred to as Danes by the people residing in Britain. Britain people when for the first time, saw these Viking longboats at the seacoast area, so they went ahead to welcome them, but, unfortunately, these Vikings people raided these localities, stole all the goods along with the monuments kept at the church, and start burning all the buildings from the ground area so because of all the damages done by the Vikings to Britain people it resulted in the hatred against Vikings by the Britons.

Where Did the Vikings Come From

All the Vikings were bad.

The tools used by the Viking warriors were the long swords and axes. The word Vikings are derived from the language known as Old Norse, which means “a pirate raid.” All those who went to a different region for the raid through the longships were said to be going Vikings, but all the Vikings were not murderous or bloodthirsty warriors. As the historical illustrate that few of the Vikings come to settle peacefully. 

It has been revealed that few of the Vikings people were farmers who used to grow crops and take care of the animals as per the historical records. Along with this, these people were skillful at crafting, making antique crafts and wooden cravings. They usually use their longships for trading purposes, such as silver, silks, spices, wine, vintage jewelry, pottery, etc.

Where did the Vikings settle in Britain?

As it has already had been illustrated that where did the Vikings come from, but in actual where did these people get settled in Britain. These people who traveled from Scandinavia to Britain finally settled in the Danelaw, which lies in the north and east of England. Few of the Vikings or Norseman sailed to Scotland and got set right in the north region, and some of them got settled on the Shetland and Orkney Islands, which have been well explained in the Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings. From Iceland, there are the vital pieces of proof of the Viking societies’ creativity, which include the earliest pieces of history written by the Vikings, themselves in the form of the 12th-century history of Iceland with the name of the first settlers.

Where did the Viking begin to Assault?

It is well explained that where did the Vikings come from and first of all, the raids made by the Viking people were on the small-scale affairs, wherein few bunches of men would return home once they had collected enough pillage or otherwise if the defiance these Viking people faces was too strong to handle. During the 850 century, these Viking men started to spend the entire winter in southern England, and a few started establishing their bases in France from where they started ruling and raiding the inland areas.

During the second half of the 19th century, the assaulted by Vikings reached to the climax part. In France, this Norseman grew in strength because of the divided Frankish kingdom disrupted with the influence of the political powers. So, in 885 decades, the Viking army laid siege to capture the entire Paris. A section of the Great army led by Guthrum crossed the bounding lines and caught Alfred, who managed to escape but, later on, against the odds, he was able to gather a new army, defeated the Vikings at Edington, and forced Guthrum to accept the Christianity.


To sum up, regarding the Vikings era, it has also been well explained where did the vikings come from. All were engaged in the raiding, literary despoiling the region by stealing the goods from those places as initially started all these things from Britain during the 793 century. Then eventually ended with the failure of Harald Hardrada (who had been relatively famous as the last real Viking king who ruled from 1046 to 1066 and got the tag of Hardrada in the sagas) invasion the 1066 era. Also, the Vikings were excellent sailors who had got as far at a distance where Russia and North America were located. Their process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning and following a route were not completely understood.  

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