Tuesday, October 19, 2021

5 Best Smart Rings for Smart People: The New Wearable Era Has Begun

Joining the range of wearables on the market, smart rings are proof that putting tech on your finger is a brilliant idea. Capable of doing lots of things, from tracking your workout to monitoring your sleep or health parameters and even assisting with quick payments, these tiny devices could be a great alternative to a smartwatch. Wondering which one to buy? The best smart rings below are all ideal candidates for becoming “your precious one.”

#1. Circular

Best smart ring for health and fitness monitoring

If you love activity tracking bands, chances are you’ll love Circular even more. Designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind, this smart ring crams a wealth of functions under its hood. An accelerometer allows you to keep track of steps and burned calories, while health tracking functions include heart rate and blood oxygen levels monitors. The ring even has a smart assistant that keeps you accountable and acts as a motivator. Circular also communicates with your Apple or Android device to transmit data; it has good battery life and is customizable thanks to its multiple outer shells.

#2. Oura

Best ring for sleep tracking

Oura is somewhat similar to Circular, but this smart ring is designed with a sole purpose in mind – that of tracking your sleep. Whether you’re dealing with insomnia or other sleep disorders, Oura provides information on your sleep and activity, but also tracks your temperature and stress level, then analyzes this data to give you a readiness score based on how well you rested throughout the night. Sleeker and more fashionable than Circular, Oura comes in two styles and various sizes.

#3. McLear

Best smart ring for payments

Are you tired of taking out your wallet each time you have to make a payment? Then McLear is undeniably the best smart ring for you. Like Oura, it is designed to do only one thing – although its function is fundamentally different than Oura’s or Circular’s. McLear packs the same payment technology seen in contactless cards and works in a similar fashion. Once you’ve paired the ring with your smartphone via the proprietary app and connected your card, you can use your finger to pay for your latte, groceries, or anything else that you buy, without having to rummage through your purse or pockets. Now, how awesome is that?

#4. ORII

Best smart ring for calls

Smartwatches have introduced the concept of calling without a phone a while ago, but ORII takes it to the next level. Using bone conduction technology to let you hear and voice activation for making or answering your calls, this fashionable ring is all you need if you don’t want to take that smartphone out of your bag or pocket. It doesn’t provide notifications on your finger, but you can use some gestures to control music and other apps on your handset. Like Oura, it comes in various sizes and finishes so that you can match the color of the ring with your outfit or personality.

#5. Amazon Echo Loop

Best smart ring for smart homes

Many companies manufacture smart rings, but nothing can change the fact that Echo Loop was the first one on the market. It’s similar to ORII – or should we perhaps say that Amazon inspired ORII? – in that, it integrates microphones and speakers that allow you to use the ring in the same way you’d use the Echo device or Alexa app on your phone. In other words, you can use your ring to control all smart devices in your home, add items to your Amazon shopping cart, make calls, and much more. Water-resistant and sporting a subtle design, it’s a stylish choice for gents and ladies alike.

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