Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

2010133 min,

Gordon never gives up.

Crew & Casts

Shia LaBeouf

Jacob Moore

Michael Douglas

Gordon Gekko

Josh Brolin

Bretton James

Carey Mulligan

Winnie Gekko

Frank Langella

Lewis Zabel

Susan Sarandon

Sylvia Moore

Eli Wallach

Julie Steinhardt

Jason Clarke

Jack Schwietzer

Alexander Wraith

Jake's friend at club

Anna Kuchma

Office Blogger

Keith Middlebrook

Clark Wildman


Harry Cohen

Sound Effects Designer

Christopher Assells

Sound Effects Editor


Rodrigo Prieto

Director of Photography




Costume & Make-Up

Ellen Mirojnick

Costume Design


Kristi Zea

Production Design

Fun Facts of Movie

As the global economy teeters on the brink of disaster, a young Wall Street trader partners with disgraced former Wall Street corporate raider Gordon Gekko on a two tiered mission: To alert the financial community to the coming doom, and to find out who was responsible for the death of the young trader’s mentor.
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