Any Given Sunday

1999162 min

Play or be Played.

Crew & Casts

Al Pacino

Tony D'Amato

Cameron Diaz

Christina Pagniacci

Dennis Quaid

Jack 'Cap' Rooney

James Woods

Dr. Harvey Mandrake

Jamie Foxx

Willie Beamen

LL Cool J

Julian Washington

Matthew Modine

Dr. Ollie Powers

Jim Brown

Montezuma Monroe

Lawrence Taylor

Luther 'Shark' Lavay

Bill Bellamy

Jimmy Sanderson

Aaron Eckhart

Nick Crozier

Andrew Bryniarski

Patrick 'Madman' Kelly

Lauren Holly

Cindy Rooney


Margaret Pagniacci


Victor Kempster

Production Design

Ronald R. Reiss

Set Decoration

Derek R. Hill

Art Direction


John Logan


Oliver Stone



Costume & Make-Up

Mary Zophres

Costume Design


Salvatore Totino

Director of Photography

Fun Facts of Movie

A star quarterback gets knocked out of the game and an unknown third stringer is called in to replace him. The unknown gives a stunning performance and forces the ageing coach to reevaluate his game plans and life. A new co-owner/president adds to the pressure of winning. The new owner must prove herself in a male dominated world.
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