Saving Private Ryan

1998169 min, ,

The mission is a man.

Crew & Casts

Matt Damon

Private James Francis Ryan

Tom Hanks

Captain John H. Miller

Tom Sizemore

Technical Sergeant Michael Horvath

Edward Burns

Private Richard Reiben

Barry Pepper

Private Daniel Jackson

Adam Goldberg

Private Stanley Mellish

Jeremy Davies

Corporal Timothy Upham

Vin Diesel

Private Adrian Caparzo

Giovanni Ribisi

T-Medic Irwin Wade

Ted Danson

Captain Fred Hamill

Paul Giamatti

Sergeant William Hill

Dennis Farina

Lieutenant Colonel Walter Anderson

Joerg Stadler

Steamboat Willie

Max Martini

Corporal Henderson


Gary Rydstrom

Sound Designer

Richard Hymns

Supervising Sound Editor



Janusz KamiƄski

Director of Photography


Costume & Make-Up

Joanna Johnston

Costume Design


Thomas E. Sanders

Production Design

Visual Effects

Neil Corbould

Special Effects Supervisor
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