The Hurt Locker

2008131 min, ,

You'll know when you're in it.

Crew & Casts

Jeremy Renner

Sgt. William James

Anthony Mackie

Sgt. JT Sanborn

Brian Geraghty

Spc. Owen Eldridge

Christian Camargo

Col. John Cambridge

Guy Pearce

Sgt. Matt Thompson

Ralph Fiennes

Mercenary Team Leader

Suhail Aldabbach

Black Suit Man

David Gueriera

First Sergeant

Nabil Koni

Professor Nabil

Sam Spruell

Contractor Charlie

Sam Redford

Contractor Jimmy

Erin Gann

Mortuary Affairs Officer


Karl Júlíusson

Production Design

Paul Joyal

Production Design



Tony Mark

Executive Producer

Visual Effects

Richard Stutsman

Special Effects Supervisor


Marco Beltrami

Original Music Composer

Richard C. Franklin

Sound Effects Editor

Peter Rotter

Music Supervisor



Newton Thomas Sigel

Director of Photography

Barry Ackroyd

Director of Photography

Costume & Make-Up

George L. Little

Costume Design

Daniel J. Lester

Assistant Costume Designer
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