Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Funny News Headlines That Are Perfect For Our Current World

News is created to enlighten people with knowledge around the world and throw light on some harsh realities. The news can be tragic or about a bear rolling down the woods. In times like these, when people are in desperate need of a break and chaos holds no bounds in people’s life, all love a shot of humour.

Funny news headlines that have humour elements involved in them may have been created intentionally or unintentionally. Nobody wants to start their day with something tragic, and funny headlines are nothing but a great start to the day.

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This article will discuss some of the funniest news headlines that are perfect for our current world. These news headlines reported some of the events that happened in real life but were termed on the headline front in a manner that is sure to tickle some bones.

  • Pug Starts Fight With Police Dog During a 4 Hour Standoff

A Dog Standoff as a Headline is sure to get a smirk on anyone’s face. The incident happened in Phoenix when a gunman barricaded himself at his home, and the police had a 4-hour standoff outside the barricades. One of the dogs of neighbouring families ran into the line of fire, looking at the canine police dog.

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What followed was a riot among police officers trying to get the dog out of the zone to avoid any distraction. The dog just wanted to make friends and ended up being the cause of havoc at a crime scene.

  • Radiohead Crowd Left Red-Faced after Applauding 3 Minute Guitar Tuning Mistaking it for New Song

At the Glastonbury festival, the fans applaud a Guitar tuning session of the band, mistaking it for a new song. It was simply a mistake by the fans, but the headline made the situation seem much more hilarious.

However, later it was revealed that the image of the headline had been falsely claimed, and the band did not encounter an issue as such. The headline made rounds on Twitter, with hundreds and thousands of fans tweeting with disbelief.

  • Cows Lose their Jobs as Milk Prices drop.

This headline from The Baltimore Sun added much-needed humor to the intense situation of the price drop in milk sales. The editors made an unintentional attempt at making this headline stand apart from the rest, which quickly grabbed viewers’ attention.

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  • Man Accused of Killing Lawyer Receives a New Attorney

The story was about Miguel Trujillo, who was charged with killing his previous attorney and was granted a new attorney for the case. Judy Reed, the new attorney, made no comments on this as he was never made to review the previous case.

As much as this headline sounds terrifying for the previous attorney, the subtle humor targeted towards the new attorney was completely unintentional. The headline made people wonder and sympathize with the new attorney and have a hearty laugh at the sheer quips by the editor.

  • State Population to Double by 2040; Babies to Blame

The news headline originated from Sacramento when writer Tom Philip wrote the article on population expansion and how it will affect lives. He didn’t realize how quickly the headline would grab the attention of readers and people across the globe.

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The headline was unintentional and didn’t make sense to blame babies, but the coordination of words and the untimely presence of the phrase “Babies to Blame” made heads turn and face chuckle.

  • Breathing Oxygen Linked to Staying Alive

The article pointed at the scientific purpose of breathing and how it is essential to remain active for a healthy respiratory system. But the headline by Mason County News made it seem rather sarcastic and made people wonder about the obvious.

The headline was created unintentionally but never seen from the eyes of a reader. Soon enough, people went crazy looking at the way editors completely missed after stating the obvious.

It is always good to experience something unusual at places you would never expect, and funny headlines are one such thing. Imagine opening the daily newspaper or turning on the television for news, and get a hearty laugh from intentional or unintentional mistakes.

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