Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Judge Steve Harvey: ABC’s New Courtroom Comedy Is in Session

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The actor, comedian, host, and overall TV personality Steve Harvey will be on a roll soon. He would be hosting his very own unscripted TV show Judge Steve Harvey. Den of Thieves will be the producer for this segment in collaboration with Walt Disney’s Television. Steve will be serving as the sole main lead of the series. He will welcome petty disputes to major conflicts into his court and try to solve them using “some good old common sense.”

In the Television Critics’ summer tour, ABC network announced that it would be giving way to the one-hour, prime 10-episode courtroom comedy. It would be starring Steve Harvey with Judge Steve Harvey (working title).

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The six-time Day Emmy award winner is no stranger to hosting. In his career, Harvey has hosted multiple reality TV shows, including the Miss Universe pageant, where his renowned hosting gig in 2015 took place. The renowned stand-up comedian is currently hosting a melange of reality shows, including Steve on watch, Family Feud, Steve Harvey Morning Show, and Celebrity Family Feud.

ABC is planning to air the show somewhere in 2022. An alternative team has been formed under Walt Disney’s television for this show. Its members include Jesse Ignjatovic, Jared Morrell, Evan Prager, and Barb Bialkowski in executive producers. At the same time, Myeshia Mizuno is the showrunner and executive producer.

Wondering when you can laugh along with Harvey as he tries to ease out these disputes. Here is everything you need to know about Judge Steve Harvey:

Is the official teaser for the show out yet?

No, the teaser is not out yet. The official announcement that the show will be premiered on the ABC network has been made.

When will the show be aired?

No, official dates have been announced until now. However, it is being speculated that the show will be aired somewhere in 2022.

What is the theme of the show?

The show is a courtroom comedy where Steve Harvey will be serving as the sole judge and trying to settle disputes, conflicts, and all that comes up to him. This would be an impromptu, unscripted comedy.

How many episodes long will the show be?

It will be 10 episodes long, with each episode of one hour.

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