Tuesday, October 19, 2021

‘Monster Hunter: Legends of the guild ‘ Trailer Reveals Netflix Animated Adaptation of Capcom Franchise

Capcom’s popular video game franchise has been scaling new heights with the recent release of the animated film- ‘Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild.’ This is the second cinematic adaption of this franchise within a year, after the release of Paul W Anderson’s Monster Hunter, released in December 2020.

Post the release of its trailer, and the movie seems more promising than its previous adaption, in the lead role playing as Natalie Artemis is Milla Jovovich. She is his long-time collaborator and better half.

The movie centers around the life of Natalie, where she narrates her story of how she becomes a full-fledged hunter. Here, we meet Aiden, who was previously starred in Monster Hunter 4 and is an Excitable-A lister in Monster Hunter: World.

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Our lead anime meets a fellow hunter Julius who tells him about an “Elder dragon on a migration path”- is coming straight over to his village. Julius further described Elder Dragon as an -“unbridled force of nature given flesh.” The trailer gives us a glimpse of various fighting scenes that ensues in the endeavor of Natalie and his group of hunters who try to stop the dragon from unleashing his fury upon their village.

The trailer promises to appease its fans as the CGI and graphics of various scenes seem to be cut from a video game.

The Legends of the guild is directed by renowned Steve Yamamoto, whose movie merits include Marc Foster’s World War Z, four movies of the Transformers series, and The Meg. Here, Aiden is voiced by Dante Bosco.

Everything about Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild you want to know on Netflix-

When Be Will Monster Hunter In Theatres?

Monster Hunter has decided to skip the theatres. The movie will be premiered over Netflix from the 12th of August onwards. You can set up a home theatre to vibe in with the experience over cinema.

When Will be Monster Hunter Be Released Over Netflix?

Monster Hunter: Legend Of the Guild will be available on Netflix on the 12th of August. This show is 58 min long.

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