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Netflix Original Horror-Thriller ‘Night Teeth’: Coming to Netflix in October 2021

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Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there were delays in filming the Netflix Original Horror-Thriller ‘Night Teeth’. But Netflix has finally confirmed that the movie is coming to Netflix in October 2021. Watch out for the film this Halloween.

Night Teeth is a horror-thriller that Brent Dillon writes, and Adam Randall directs it.

Benny is a college student who turned into a moonlight chauffeur to earn some extra cash. His task was to drive around two young women who looked mysterious around Los Angeles for a night of party hopping. Benny is soon taken captive by his clients and realizes that the two women have plans for him, with an appetite for blood.

The night spins out of control for Benny when he is thrust into the middle of a clandestine war with tribes of vampires on one side that is against the protectors of the human world, which is led by Benny’s brother and who will stop at absolutely nothing to send Benny back to the shadows. As the sunrise is approaching, Benny has to make the critical decision whether to give in to temptation and fear if he wants to stay alive and save the city of Los Angeles.

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The horror thriller is led by Debbie Ryan, who plays the role of Blaire. Debbie Ryan was also a leader in the series ‘Insatiable’ which was a teen thriller movie. Against Debby Ryan, you will see Victor, played by Alfie Allen, who you might have seen in John Wick. The rest of the cast features Zoe, who Lucy Fry plays, Raul Castillo plays the role of Jay Perez, Jorge Lendeborg plays the role of Benny, and Sydney Sweeny plays the role of Eva. Megan Fox is also seen in the movie.

Watch the movie Night Teeth this Halloween. The movie has released some images and scenes to get fans excited and give them a sneak peek of what awaits them. The question remains, will Benny escape the bloodthirst of the two dangerous girls and survive till dawn, or will he get swept up into the scary nightlife?

Watch the movie to find out the full story this October.

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