Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Russell Crowe Directing New Thriller ‘Poker Face’

Back in May, Russell Crowe had stirred the media to notice their shooting of the new thriller Poker face. Working alongside the director Gary Fledger. Speculations have come up that Gary word is playing and acting simultaneously for this film.

The movie is centred around the tech billionaire based in Miami who is caught up in a high stake gamble. The story goes about where he decides to invite his childhood friends over for a game of poker. The secrets unfold as they further go about with the game.

The renowned Stephen M. Coates writes the script. The writer has tried to play with the protagonist’s image as he enacts justice from his fellow members at the pool table. Unfolding the secrets of his relationship with them. The plot is not complete without a twist as an unexpected member shows up at his mansion.

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Some prominent and noteworthy actors in the given film include Chris Hemsworth, Wu-Tang Clan, and Elsa Pataky. The production recently moved from Miami to Sydney, Australia, due to production costs. Additionally, the serene and gorgeous landscapes provide an excellent backdrop to the plotline.

The date has not been enclosed yet, nor has the tentative release dates of the trailer not been given out yet. We are expecting further information on these grounds by the end of the year.

After seven years, we would be seeing Russell Crowe as a director after his debut in the movie the Water Divine. The director further has dropped several hints, which makes the movie very promising on these grounds and has spiked up the interest of many people.

This movie has garnered lots of attention post the comeback of Russell Crowe as the director. Additionally, Liam Hemsworth has seldom did disappointed his audience with great acting skills and choices. Overall, we look forward to this thriller which would be expected to release by the end of the year.

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