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‘S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies’ Trailer Reveals an Undead War in the Mexican Desert

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The official trailer for Amazon Studios’ new science-fiction action series, S.O.Z. Soldiers of Zombies has been published. Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Fátima Molina, and Horacio Garca Rojas appear in the new eight-episode thriller, which puts a new spin on the idea of an undead army set in the arid heat of the Mexican desert. It is directed by Rigoberto Casteñeda

Rigoberto Castaeda was born in Mexico City and attended the city’s film school. Helmer of multiple high school short films, including “Necrophilia” and “Sin Sentido,” which received international acclaim at film festivals. His ambition has always been to direct horror films, which are among his favorite genres and science fiction and fantasy.

In 2010, he made his debut as a producer, carrying the bestselling book “Murder in a Chinese Laundry” by Mexican writer Juan Jose Rodrguez; the film was launched in 2012 and was finally titled “Reincarnation.” Rigoberto has also directed a number of television series, gaining experience in a wide range of genres.

What is the storyline?

When a team of soldiers attempts to apprehend charismatic drug lord Alonso Marroqun, who has escaped from a Mexican prison to evade extradition, they are faced with the horrifying outcome of a botched genetic experiment in the United States.

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After coming into contact with a pig infected with the experiment’s results, the soldiers are converted into unstoppable, undead machines, and the series becomes a conflict between one of Mexico’s most unpredictable drug cartels and a horde of zombies. “They were not killed,” claims the virus’s creator, an American scientist. “They had been infected. They’re quite mobile, and they’re everywhere.” Throughout the trailer, an all-out war breaks out, not only between Marroqun and the zombie soldiers but also between Marroqun and the American government, in an attempt to capture and exterminate the monsters they’ve created.

Who are the producers of the series?

Nico Entel, Miguel Tejada-Flores, Andrés Calderón, Juan Uruchurtu, and Mara José Gómez are the series’ producers.

Who all are starring in the show?

Adria Morales, Toby Schmitz, Steve Wilcox, James Moses Black, Jorge Jiménez, and Vico Ortiz feature in the bilingual series.

What are Rigoberto’s latest projects?

Rigoberto has recently directed and adapted for the movie “Sin Origen,” a vampire narrative set in Mexico, and produced “Karem’s Diary,” a possession/exorcism film based on true events, both of which will be released in 2020. He also directed all eight episodes of an Amazon Zombies-themed series, which is already generating a lot of buzz across the world and is set to launch in 2020.

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