Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Slam Dunks to $32 Million Friday Box Office

After a long, long wait, Looney tunes are back in movie theatres starring in Space Jam: A new Legacy, released in the theatres on 16th July. Over this weekend, Space Jam 2 Friday box office managed to surpass a whopping 32 million$ mark despite the competition they faced from Black Widow, who managed to earn a little over 8 million$ this weekend, thus grossing 131 million$ since its release.

A standalone sequel of Space Jam of 1996. The movie plots around the Basket Ball champion LeBron James and his sons. He wishes them to make a name in basketball, but his younger Dom, a computer software prodigy, shows an interest in game development. He works hard to comply with his father’s wishes but secretly wishes to pursue a career in A.I.

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The family once decides to visit Warner Bros. production where Dom expresses his wish to work over A.I. This ensues a dispute between the father and the son. Over a dispute, Dom is angry at his father, to which the A.I. lures him and traps him in virtual reality. Now LeBron has to team up with Looney Tunes and win the match against A.I. to save his son.

Success So Far

This feat achieved by Space Jam has been one of the best endeavors of Warner Bros. so far post-pandemic. It has surpassed Godzilla vs. Kong, taking away the best opening for a family movie. For its director Malcolm Lee, Space Jam has ranked third among his films to open at rank 1.


The movie review here is given a 30% rating; the film is said to have a slow start but eventually picks up. Critics have pointed out that Hollywood has a wild notion about Artificial Intelligence where they have morphed it into various forms. The Guardian awarded it 2 out of 5 stars, stating it a mindless loop of humor. Several critics point it out as a jock over the 1996 Michael Jordan starred Space Jam: A new legacy.

Overall, the movie is a good experience as a one-time watch for anyone.

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