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‘The Girl Who Got Away’ Trailer Reveals the Return of a Serial Killer to Hunt

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The scary trailer and poster for The Girl Who Got Away, an upcoming horror film about the lone surviving victim of a violent serial killer, have been released by Quiver Distribution. When the serial killer escapes from prison, her remaining victim must repeat the trauma of being kidnapped while battling for survival. On August 20, The Girl Who Got Away will be released in cinemas and VOD/Digital.

The notion of a serial killer returning 20 years later to complete her mission is scary, but The Girl Who Got Away also promises a disturbing mystery. When the killer, Elizabeth Caulfield, resurfaces, survivor Christina Bowden is compelled to relive her captivity, which presumably included a period in which she was forced to live with four other girls and her unstable captor. But not all is as it appears, since Christina refers to Elizabeth as “mother” in the teaser, implying that the survivor’s background conceals some truths.

Kaye, originally from Sydney, Australia, has made a name for herself internationally as a sought-after director, performer, and designer. Her career as a performer has seen her star in some of the world’s most prestigious theatre plays. She has directed numerous theatrical plays in Australia and Asia, and she has most recently directed the short films ‘Butterfly,’ ‘Coping,’ ‘Nana’s Room,’ ‘Trumped,’ ‘Choice,’ and others. Kaye is now working on her first feature project and is excited to work with more talented filmmakers in the future.

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Who all are starring in the show?

Johnson, Tuckerman, Chukwudi Iwuji, Geoffrey Cantor, Willow McCarthy, Ned Van Zandt, and Audrey Grace Marshall star in The Girl Who Got Away. The Girl Who Got Away is written and directed by Michael Morrissey, who also produces the film with John Scaccia and Heidi Scheuermann. While Morrissey has been busy with television, The Girl Who Got Away is his first feature film since 2010’s Boy Wonder.

What synopsis can we draw from the trailer?

Massena is a town in New York. It’s 1998, and a decade of dread comes to an end with the arrest of Elizabeth Caulfield, a serial killer who kidnapped and murdered young girls she believed were her own. Except just one. Until Caulfield escapes from jail, Christina Bowden has a lonely and humble life. Christina’s earlier stories begin to emerge as a result of the new investigation. It is good and evil in everyone, but Christina must pick a side before the darkness of her secrets consumes her as the falsehoods are revealed.

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