Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Rock’s Butt confirms that ‘Black Adam’ is in its final week of production

According to a recent Instagram post by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, DC’s Black Adam is in its final week of production. Johnson eloquently thanks everyone and opens up about his two-year road to becoming Black Adam, all while flashing his muscles in a pair of spandex shorts with the film’s official logo.

Black Adam was the main antagonist in DC’s Captain Marvel comic book, on which the 2019 film Shazam! is based. To avoid confusion with the popular Marvel superhero, the title of the film and the name of the hero were modified.

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Black Adam was originally scheduled to appear in Shazam, but DC studio execs believed that a performer with Johnson’s star power should not be limited to a supporting part; therefore, the decision was made to give Black Adam his film.

What is the plot of the film?

The plot of Black Adam is still unknown, but it is said to be a Shazam spin-off. The character of Black Adam was originally written as a full-fledged villain but gradually changed into an anti-hero, which is reportedly how the character would be depicted on-screen.

Who all are the cast and crew?

Jaume-Collet Serra directed Black Adam, who previously directed Orphan and The Shallows, both starring Blake Lively, and is based on a script written by Adam Sztykiel, Rory Haines, and Sohrab Noshirvani. This year’s The Mauritanian was written by Haines and Noshirvani, while Rampage and Scoob! were written by Sztykiel. In addition to his main role in Black Adam, Johnson is also a producer.

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Production on Black Adam began on April 9 in Atlanta, after being postponed since July 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition to Johnson, the cast includes Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Sarah Shahi, Quintessa Swindell, and Pierce Brosnan. Black Adam is the eleventh film in the DC Extended Universe, and the title character is expected to appear more regularly in the DCEU.

What are the speculations regarding Black Adam?

In addition to numerous already planned Black Adam sequels, several people close to the DCEU, including Johnson and Superman actor Henry Cavill, have suggested that Black Adam will appear in a film with Shazam before facing off against Superman in another. If Black Adam is as popular as projected, DCEU fans should expect to see the character on-screen for many years to come.

The film Black Adam will be released in theatres on July 29, 2022.

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