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The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Explains Why No One Is Safe In New Featurette

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Warner Bros. has published a new The Suicide Squad featurette, emphasising how the team’s title should not be taken lightly, as no one is safe in James Gunn’s next film.

James Francis Gunn Jr., born August 5, 1966, is a film director, actor, producer, screenwriter, and former musician from the United States. In the mid-1990s, he began his career as a screenwriter. He then began directing, beginning with the horror-comedy film Slither and eventually transitioning to the superhero genre with Guardians of the Galaxy, its sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and The Suicide Squad.

Gunn discusses how superhero movies are typically made in the featurette “don’t have any stakes,” a tendency that The Suicide Squad will not follow because DC granted the director the authority to “murder everyone you want.” Gunn appears to have gleefully accepted his freedom, as he states he’s “having fun with who’s going to live and who’s going to die.”

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Can Harley Quinn be killed?

Though Harley Quinn appears to be a key part of the current plans in the DC movie world, a school of thought suggests she could be one of the characters killed in The Suicide Squad. Gunn, for his part, is making no effort to refute that premise, instead emphasising that no one is safe in his film. In a new Warner Bros. Pictures featurette, Gunn teases DC fans even more by discussing the potential of Harley Quinn dying. In the clip, Gunn replies, “They did say you can kill anybody you want.” “A lot of people think I’m going to kill Harley,” he continues. “Who knows?” says the narrator. In the featurette, see Gunn’s glee as he plays with the emotions of his fans.

What is Gunn’s reaction to the death of the characters?

Though Gunn appears positively thrilled when contemplating murdering off individuals in the above footage, the director has previously exhibited the opposite attitude when considering placing Suicide Squad members on the chopping block. In one interview, he even admitted to being emotional over two deaths that occur later in the film. “There are two people in particular that, when they die, make me cry every time I see the movie,” Gunn explained. “It still kills me,” he added.

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What to expect from the trailer eventually?

We’ve been assaulted with Suicide Squad footage, but no deaths have been reported so far. Everyone else, on the other hand, might be readily sacrificed for the greater good, as Gunn’s version of the squad is made up largely of obscure comic-book villains. The time to put your bets is now, with less than a week until the death toll is known.

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