Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners: Aftershocks Release Date Update

The wait is finally over. In a PlayStation blog on Tuesday, Skydance Interactive’s marketing Coordinator announced that the much-anticipated expansion, ‘Aftershocks,’ to ‘The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners,’ is finally getting released on September 23rd.

‘Aftershocks,’ which was slated for a release on May 20th, was postponed due to unforeseen technical issues with the expansion pack. To ensure that the VR experience is the same on every supported platform, the team announced in a Twitter thread that they had pushed the expansion’s release a few weeks.

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‘The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners’ were released on all supported platforms in January of 2020. The game, which was published and distributed by Skydance Interactive, was made in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment. It expanded on the ‘Walking Dead Universe’ by creating a VR game, unlike any others.

‘The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners,’ reportedly made over $29 million on all platforms and was nominated for Best VR/AR Game at the Game Awards, VR Game of the Year at the International VR Awards, Innovative VR Company of the Year at the International VR Awards and PC game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards.

‘Aftershock,’ which is the second major update since ‘The Meatgrinder’, is, according to Skydance Interactive’s Project Director Mark Domowicz, a small token of appreciation for the fans who have supported the game. ‘Aftershock’ is a free update and offers hours of additional gameplay and takes place after the original game’s missions.

Fans can expect new missions, deadlier threats, and exciting mysteries to uncover.

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When will ‘Aftershock’ release?

‘Aftershock’ will launch on PlayStation VR on September 23rd.

Is ‘Aftershock’ a free update?

Yes, ‘Aftershocks’ is a free update for ‘The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners.’

On which platforms are ‘The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners’ available?

Saints and Sinners are available for purchase on PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest Platform, and PCVR via Steam and Viveport.  

Is ‘The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners’ set entirely in New Orleans?

Yes, bone-chilling zombie adventures await as the streets of New Orleans are taken over by Zombies.

Is ‘Aftershocks’ the last chapter in the ‘Walking Dead Saints and Sinners’ story?

‘The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners’ story doesn’t end just yet with ‘Aftershocks,’ Mark Domowicz, the project director at Skydance Interactive, gave the fans a little hint of bigger things to come in the future.

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners: Aftershocks launches on PlayStation VR on September 23rd.

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