Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tom Hanks Joins Wes Anderson’s New Movie

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hanks has agreed to star opposite Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Adrien Brody in Anderson’s next picture, which is still being kept under wraps. There is no title or logline yet, so all we really know is that production will occur in Spain.

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is a film and television actor from the United States. He is regarded as an American cultural icon and is known for both humorous and serious parts. He is one of the most well-known and recognizable cinema stars in the world. Tom Hanks‘ films have grossed more than $4.9 billion in North America and more than $9.96 billion globally, making him the fourth-highest-grossing actor in the country. He received two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor for his roles in Forrest Gump and as a gay lawyer suffering from AIDS in Philadelphia.

Tom Hanks’ appearance in the upcoming new film will be his first with the director. No details about his participation have been verified as of yet, but insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter that it could be “minor and cameo-like in nature.”

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Sure, it was good to hear that Murray, Swinton, and Brody will be working with Wen Anderson again. Still, they’re all regulars in his films, so there wasn’t much enthusiasm surrounding their casting announcements because we’ve come to expect their participation. That’s what makes this Hanks’s news so exciting. Hopefully, the two-time Oscar winner will get along with Anderson and will have a greater role in one of the director’s future films.

What were the reactions to Anderson’s last project, The French Dispatch?

Following its Cannes premiere, Wen Anderson’s latest project, The French Dispatch, received its first reviews earlier this month. Critics lauded the film, which has been described as a love letter to journalists, calling it “a relentless hoot” and “a monument to human curiosity and compulsions.”

Murray, Swinton, and Brody co-star in The French Dispatch with Timothée Chalamet, Elisabeth Moss, Owen Wilson, and others. Wilson recently teased the film’s plot, calling it “very creative and distinctive.”

Where was Hanks last seen in?

Hanks was most recently seen in Paul Greengrass’ well-received western News of the World, and he’ll soon be seen in the sci-fi film Finch, which will debut on Apple TV+ later this year. He recently completed Robert Zemeckis’ Pinocchio film, in which he plays Geppetto, and Baz Luhrmann’s next Elvis Presley film is also in the works.

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