Tuesday, October 19, 2021

‘Venom 2’: Carnage Statue Gives Us Best Look Yet at Villain of Venom

Let’s jump back to where it all started back……in the year 2018. Our infamous hero, ‘Venom’ jumps in to save the day by killing his sole competitor and leader Carnage, who swore revenge and pledges to return. Fast-forwarding to few months down the line Venom becomes the friendly, irritating symbiote of our lead Eddie Brock played by the actor Tom Hardy. But peace does not rest long on the Earth as Carnage again threatens to take his avenge from Venom.

Taking inspiration from the comics, this time Cassady will be symbiote’s main host giving the plot the punch it requires. Additionally, a colleague of Eddie Brock, Frances is a host of another symbiote, Shriek. Thus, unexpected turns and twists are something in the movie one can vouch for.

Its trailer released in May has spurred a delight among the fans who look forward to the avatar of Venom but the more precise appearance of Venom is yet to unfold before the audience. The experts speak that the Carnage can have a more comic like appearance with its striking red and black colours and tentacles with a body to regenerate itself. 

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As the time inches closer to the 24th of September, Chinese mall IMEX has started giving out promotional goodies and put-up new edifices of the Venom and Carnage as reported by the site Weibo. The director Andy Serkis has teased the audience with the revelation of a ‘very very dark side’ of Venom here.

The producer had pushed the date of release to the 24th of September, adhering to the guidelines of the pandemic. However, to make it up to their fans, they have also made arrangements of allowing a 360-degree viewership in certain malls in China using the Baidu map app.

The realistic models present in the IMEX malls have raised hopes among the fans, assuring them with a good CGI and life-like appearance. 

The trailer of the movie has raised bars, keeping the spirits of the critics and the movie-goers high alike. Looking forward to what it has in store for all of us we stand strong for our superhero because ‘We are Venom’.

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