Radu Balas

Radu Balas

Radu is passionate about movies, TV, books and whisky – but he also loves to cook! With a special talent for inventing delicious recipes and an eye for detail when it comes to selecting the best whisky brands, Radu has become a master at combining his 3 passions.

Radu's knowledge of the entertainment industry is impressive - he's an expert in film and television editing, digital marketing as well as copywriting. Throughout his career he has worked hard to ensure that viewers around the world have access to quality entertainment – be it crafting captivating stories or finding creative ways to promote seriescommitment projects.

When not immersing himself in the world of movies, TV and books, Radu can usually be found experimenting with different ingredients for his latest creation in the kitchen or finding new ways to enjoy whisky with friends. Join us at seriescommitment today and explore the wonders of storytelling with Radu.

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