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12 Famous Vikings from History

Before you are introduced to the famous Vikings names in the history of the Vikings, let’s glance at who the Vikings were. The Vikings were essentially described as the “Norse People” in the late 8th to late 11th century, who raided and traded with the Europeans (Europe, Greenland, Iceland, and Vinland), hailing from Southern Scandinavia. The Norsemen were often seen as sea voyagers and plunderers, ruthlessly mapping the globe and plundering the globe. Fearless and savage in approach, the Vikings managed to mark their impact on the pages of history. Let us quickly recollect a few recurring names.

Viking War Heroes

As soon as you hear the word “Viking,” you automatically connect its warriors, kings, and sea-voyagers. Legend has it, the ferocious faces of the Viking warriors were enough to terrorize the hearts of the enemies. Here are a few renowned names you might be familiar with.

#1. Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside was the son of the famous Vikings king Ragnar Lorbrok. Bjorn was hurled out of his father’s kingdom for being the youngest of all sons. As he left his father’s place, he gathered with himself a small troop of the army with him and went on to conquer Spain, France, and Italy, went as far as Gibraltar. 

Famous Vikings from History

After his father’s death, he returned to his home and divided his father’s property with his brothers. He was later made the king of Sweden.

#2. Egil Skallagrimsson

This one led a quite chaotic life, or as to explain in plain words, he had a gory and disturbing past, to begin with. Egil was an Icelandic warrior and poet,and it is believed that he committed his first murder at the age of only 7. Yes, you heard it right! This warrior-poet murdered his opponent with an ax on cheating on him in a game! Later, he killed King Eric Bloodaxe’s retainer over another insult.

Famous Vikings

He was captured by the king’s men and was sentenced to execution. Being an exceptional poet, he weaved a poem for the king, which made him spare Egil’s life. Fascinating story, isn’t it?

#3. Eric Bloodaxe

Eric Bloodaxe was one of the sons of Norway’s first king Harald Fairhair. He is known to have succeeded the throne by murdering all his brothers except one. Very soon, Eric was challenged for his throne by his only surviving brother. He fled to England and went on to raid and plunder Scotland and the Irish sea. He later gained fame as a famous Vikings Warrior.

Famous Vikings from History

#4. Freydis Eiríksdóttir

It comes to notice that not only Viking men, but Viking women were no less fearsome than the men. Bloodthirst seems to runs in all veins alike. Freydis was the daughter of Eric the Red and said to be the first woman to have visited North America along with her brother. She appeared to be so violent that Americans were terrified of her temper.

Famous Vikings from History

It is believed that she singlehandedly drove away a troop of American raiders while being eight months pregnant. Can you believe that vigor? Well, you should. Even history could not underestimate women’s power.

#5. Gunnar Hamundarson

Gunnar Hamundarson was an Icelandic warrior in the 10th century believed to be capable of jumping his body weight while still wearing his iron-clad heavy armor. It seems Vikings were not only great warriors and kings but also exceptional acrobats. Unlike other Vikings, he was also a skilled archer and stone thrower.

Famous Vikings from History

Not just this, Gunnar was believed to be the most handsome Viking man alive. Women take note! Sadly Gunnar was killed in a battle where he murdered two members of the same family and eventually succumbed to the ongoing battle.

#6. Harald Hardrada

Harald Hardrada is believed to be the last of the Viking rulers, sitting on the throne in 1046. Although a strict military man and ruthless ruler, his rule witnessed a time of prosperity.Harald was believed to have led his army to the last battle of England in 1066, where he was killed along with his men.

Famous Vikings from History

In his early days, he was a mercenary within the periphery of the Byzantine empire and only reached Norway to spread Christianity. Finally, someone with a religious inclination.

#7. Ivar the Boneless

As the name suggests, this biking warrior was famous Vikings for his brittle bones. The slightest of injury could crush his bones to pieces. Nevertheless, his name in the list of brave warriors is at the top. He was one of the renowned leaders of the Heathen army to have conquered the British isles to avenge his father’s death. After many successful attempts, he managed to crown himself in Dublin as the king of all Norsemen in Britain and Ireland.

Famous Vikings from History

#8. Ragnar Lodbrok

Ragnar Lodbrok can be carefully called the finest and one of the most famous Vikings Warrior of all time, and he led many successful raids on England and France in the 9th century.Ragnar is believed to have discovered a dragon and tried to raid England with just two ships, which failed, leading him to a shameful death.

Famous Vikings from History

In his lifetime, he is said to have several wives and is famous for fathering many men who went on to become fierce Viking warriors.

#10. Rollo of Normandy

Rollo was one of the famous Vikings chieftains who went on to become the first ruler of France’s Normandy region. He is believed to be a savage king. He later went on to convert to Christianity and led a virtuous life later.

famous vikings

#11. Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye

As the name suggests, Sigurd was born with a scar in his cornea, which looked like a snake eating his tail. Sigurd was a recognized member of the Great Heathen Army expedition and went on to Britain to avenge his father, Ragnar Lodbrok.

Famous Vikings from History

He later married the daughter of kind Aella, the man responsible for his father’s death.

#12. Sweyn Forkbeard

One of the most important names in the history of Viking men. He is said to have imposed a Danish North Sea Empire in 1000 and conquered England in 1013. His death witnessed the end of the Norwegian empire, but his grandsons continued the legacy.

Famous Vikings from History


If it is not apparent already, Viking men and women were fearsome and bloodthirsty warriors who would not even stop at their family for empires and revenge.

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