Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fans Get Emotional Over Loki Episode 1: Loki Episode 1 Twitter Reactions

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is back with the most awaited TV series, which premiered on Disney+ and made the fans emotional.

The news of the release of Loki was a thunder of excitement for the fans, and they counted every minute till the first episode was dropped. As a result, episode 1 of Loki was a complete success and satisfied its fans. Loki Episode 1 was a complete game-changer; as expected, the plot was filled with surprises and new concepts.

After watching the first episode of Loki, fans were utterly delighted, and Twitter was flooded with tweets about episode one, praising the cast and plot. Though the first episode was very emotional and made the marvel fans cry still it was a happy event for them to witness their favourite TV series. Fans appreciated Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston for their impeccable performance. Episode 1 was a complete hit!

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However, it didn’t stop there, Loki also discovers that he eventually bonds with Thor. Moreover, he got to see how he even sacrificed himself and was killed by Thanos.

The powerful performance of Tom Hiddleston’s in this scene alone was enough to leave fans in tears.

When was the first episode of Loki launched?

The first episode of Loki was dropped on Wednesday on Disney plus. As expected, fans were emotional after watching the first episode, and they constantly tweeted about it. Flashbacks of memories were constantly presented as Loki sat thinking about his brother Thor and his mother. Compilation of past events just not made the episode very sappy but also made the fans very emotional.

Any update about Loki episode 2?

As the Loki web series was one of the most awaited series, its release caused a thunder of excitement among fans. The first episode was dropped on 9th June, that is, back this Wednesday. 

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However, fans are eagerly waiting for the drop of the second episode. As per the date and time of the first episode, it is assumed that the second episode will be releasing on 16th June, coming Wednesday, on Disney plus, 

at 12 AM PDT or 8 AM BST. The dates and times may change. 

The posters of the second episode have been released.

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