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15 Best Travel YouTube Channels and Vlogs

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Amidst this unprecedented period of COVID-19 outbreak, especially the travel enthusiasts, are feeling low. For such an issue, some travel YouTubers are there who can make them travel virtually. These YouTube channels help prepare yourself better for your upcoming trips.

Now is the best time to binge-watch these channels to kill time and plan the post-pandemic trips.

The videos that these channels broadcast will cast a spell over your boring and lethargic routine. They not only fill you with excitement but have many travel inspirational elements.

This article is dedicated to the best travel YouTube channels streaming online. Even if you are not a huge fan of traveling, you can still watch them gather information about different places, cultures, and lifestyles.

So, wait no longer and subscribe to these traveling channels now:

1. Fun for Louis

With many subscribers, i.e., 2 million Louis Cole hosts a YouTube channel dedicated to traveling. Cole started his journey of vlogging in 2012. Fun for Louis is solely about how one can make every day an adventure. Join in to be in the adventure.

2. Vegabrothers

If you’re looking for some travel inspiration, type in “Vegabrothers” into your search tab. It is a travel channel by two brothers Marco and Alex Ayling, trying to explore every corner of the planet. They have 200+ videos on their channel for inspiring others to travel around the globe.

3. World of Wanderlust

Do you love traveling so much that you want to pursue it as a profession? One such idea has made Brooke Saward a full-time travel vlogger. She has a YouTube channel about solo adventures inspiring to anyone who wants to live more than ordinary static life.

4. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate started their journey of traveling around the world as a newlywed couple in 2016. With the idea of visiting 100 countries by 2020, they built a travel YouTube channel and touched the finishing line in January 2020.

5. The endless adventure

Traveling is incomplete without the food. Keeping this in mind, a travel couple Eric and Allison, are roaming around the world, searching for fascinating places and foods. Check on to their interesting videos with the tempering of delicious foods, adventures, and cool places.

6. Migrationology

The creator of Migrationology is Mark Wiens, aka the “foodie guy.” He travels to taste the delicious street food and other local morsels. If you’re someone into traveling and surprising your taste buds, this guy has a lot to show you on his channel.

7. Wolters World

It is one of the best travel YouTube Channels, which is all about the pros and cons of every place that you choose to travel. It is a helpful vlog that prepares you and your mind to make the most out of your journey.

8. Psycho Traveller

The Psycho Traveller is a guide to the perks of traveling and living life to the fullest. The channel is all about travel tips, encountering different people, and experiencing delicious food all wrapped around humor. The channel is rocking with a large subscriber base of 208K.

9. GRRRL Traveler

Christine Kaaloa presents her solo adventures on GRRRL Traveler. She covers everything from getting started on how to survive it on your own when traveling alone. Among YouTube travel channels, it is the one that not only leaves you excited but also builds your confidence to accomplish it.

10. Eight Miles from home

It is all about a Vegan British family who loves to travel to all the beautiful places. They are a team of four, including Sacha, Jymael, their baby Story, and their dog Eden. It is a unique vlog about traveling and adventures along with the family.

11. MR Ben Brown

A travel vlog where Ben narrates his journey as a storyteller. On his channel, the viewers get to know about the place from his perspective or the different experiences that he goes through.

12. Gone with the wynns

Another travel YouTube channel by a couple named Jason and Nikki chose to live off the grid. They share their traveling and sailing videos with a keen desire to explore, learn, and grow with their life. Their channel is a treat to eyes and an inspiration to have a unique lifestyle.

13. Eamon & Bec

A travel adventure channel by a Canadian couple showcasing their life, living in a van while driving around the world. The idea behind this channel is to spread inspiration among people to chase after their dreams. Subscribe to watch their traveling on their self-converted Sprinter van.

14. Flying The Nest

The fact that “Flying The Nest” covers every aspect of traveling makes it one of the best travel YouTube channels. This travel series involves an Australian couple named Stephen and Jess. Their videos have the potential to inspire others to set their foot to traveling.

15. Robyn Kimberly

It is a channel dedicated to travel experiences by an international model Robyn Kimberly. She has covered many countries in her vlog, including France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, etc. It is a passion-driven channel to connect with people by sharing solo adventure trips around the globe.

Final note:

Visit these traveling channels once and get your bags to pack to check your bucket travel list. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy the virtual travels here by being in your comfort zone.

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