Tuesday, October 19, 2021

John Boyega Abruptly Quit Netflix Movie During Filming — Without Telling Anybody, He Was Doing So

Just weeks after Rebel Ridge star John Boyega abruptly quit netflix movie during filming due to “family concerns,” fresh facts regarding his departure from the Netflix production are emerging. According to a June 23 story from The Hollywood Reporter, Boyega left the project due to “a slew of concerns,” including the Rebel Ridge script and his lodgings while filming.

According to THR, Boyega quit the production without notice, walked away unexpectedly. It wasn’t until the filmmakers went looking for Boyega at his hotel and discovered he’d checked out that they understood he’d dropped out of the movie. Despite efforts by Netflix’s president of global films Scott Stuber and co-CEO Ted Sarandos to persuade Boyega to return to Rebel Ridge, the actor walked away, and work on the picture was halted.

What was his reaction to all the hubbub?

Boyega’s agent, Femi Oguns, disputed allegations that the actor had walked away from Rebel Ridge in an email response to THR, calling the “rumors” “absolutely incorrect.” “People will build their opinions often based on boredom,” Oguns noted.

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As previously said, John had to leave due to family obligations, which are none of anyone’s concern but his own. John and Netflix have a fantastic relationship that will continue to expand in the coming years, whether through his acting or through [Boyega’s production firm] UpperRoom.”

Despite leaving Rebel Ridge, Boyega has just finished filming on another Netflix movie, the sci-fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone. Through his production firm UpperRoom, the actor struck an agreement with Netflix last year to develop movies “based on tales, cast, characters, crew, literary properties, mythology, screenplays, and/or other components in or around African countries, with a concentration on West and East Africa.”

What is Netflix upto then about the film?

According to reports, Netflix plans to restart production on Rebel Ridge with a new leader next year. The film’s development had previously been halted due to the coronavirus epidemic and had been delayed for more than a year.

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While Netflix hasn’t revealed much about the film, it’s been touted as “a thriller that tackles systemic American injustice,” with a projected budget of roughly $25 million. AnnaSophia Robb, James Cromwell, Don Johnson, and James Badge Dale also star.

What is Netflix’s statement to Boyega’s move?

Following Boyega’s departure from Rebel Ridge, Netflix issued a statement suggesting that they intend to continue working with the actor. “We look forward to extending our cooperation with UpperRoom Productions, led by John Boyega,” the streamer said.

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