Tuesday, October 19, 2021

When will Manifest Season 3 be on Netflix?

The American supernatural web series Manifest has hit the top 10 list as soon as it premiered on Netflix. Viewers loved the plot, cast, and storyline and have been looking forward to Manifest season 3.

Though there is no confirmation of the date that is announced for the release of Manifest season 3, we can estimate that the release would be in late 2021. But everything is vague!

How many episodes will be there for season 3?

Manifest Season 1 had 16 episodes, and season 2 had 13 episodes. The showrunner of Manifest, Jeff Rake, confirmed that there would be 13 episodes too for season 3. Sadly, Season 3  is going to be the last season of the trending supernatural web series Manifest.

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The news that 3rd season is going to be the last season of Manifest disheartened a lot of fans as it is one of the most successfully running web series on Netflix. But unfortunately, we see no comeback of the drama.

Is there any trailer for Manifest season 3?

Yes, the trailer for manifest season 3 has been released, and you can watch it right now. Buckle up for season 3 to launch soon; the wait is over; though it will be the last season of Manifest, it will definitely be a package of drama, thrill, excitement, and entertainment.

A lot more twists and turns, a lot more surprises, yes!! The end game will be a huge hit, as the trailer says itself. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the next upcoming season. However, there won’t be any new season ahead, but all we can do is expect season 3 to be a complete hit. Let’s wait! Tik-Tok!

Will there be a season 4?

The show is highly unlikely to come back as season 4 is rejected by NBC. 

The creator of Manifest, Jeff Rake, tweeted, “My dear Manifesters, I’m devastated by NBC’s decision to cancel us. That we have been shut down in the middle is a gut punch, to say the least. Hoping to find a new home.

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You, the fans, deserve an ending to your story. Thanks for the love shown to me, the cast, and the crew. #savemanifest”, which made the fans clear that Manifest won’t come back.

Even after a lot of requests from fans worldwide still, Netflix’s most trending show, Manifest, won’t be continued by NBC. So yeah, there won’t be any season 4 of Manifest.

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