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15 Best Horror Movies Of All Time

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How many times have we asked our grandmother’s to recite a horror story as a child? I know There are innumerous occasions in everyone’s life. Even though we know, we will get stone-cold in fear and skip the bathroom to the next day. The adrenaline rush and the rising heartbeat hearing such stories are priceless. With age came the chance of having those same experiences with much more conviction, waiting for late-night with enthusiasm to start the best horror movies of all time to take its full essence.

But just after a few moments into the movie shivering with fear and cursing our own decision of bringing this upon us. Even though it was scary, we held on and on to finally unravel the mystery. But its effects stay for weeks as certain situations from the movies resembling normal life bring back those chills and hail coincidence that they always somehow occur at night. Here is a list of the best horror movies of all time.

#1 – Doctor Sleep (2019)

This is one of the few scary movies with substance. It has no supernatural effects, but few characters, when shown with their background story, to go with their screen presence, will make you shiver. This amazing movie is available on Amazon Prime and Prime Video.

#2 – Orphan (2003)

This is definitely a creepy horror movie. But a great storyline with twists. It is available in Prime Video.

#3 – The others (2001)

This is a very different style of a horror movie with a twist at the end. Starring Nicole Kidman, you can watch this in Prime Video.

#4 – A Quiet Place (2018)

This is the latest among this list of best horror movies of all time. Not as quiet as its name. This is available on Netflix and Prime Video.

#5 – The Shining (1980)

A very famous movie in almost every horror movie list ever made from the time of its release, that,s why we also included this movie in our best horror movies of all time. An old classic in this genre is available on Netflix and Prime Video.

#6 – The Sixth Sense (1999)

Not many horror movies can boast of a wonderful script, drama, and acting. This movie is intense and can be seen in Hotstar. This movie is present in every list of horror movies and Available on Prime Video.

#7 – The conjuring (2013)

Such is its fame and element of fear that it is a common name among school-going students. This movies is one the best horror movies of all time. Available in Netflix subscription and Prime Vedio.

#8 – Psycho (1960)

Many say this movie changed cinema. Being in the classic era and coming up with a movie and story (a disease that cannot be said for spoiler reasons) of this magnitude is nothing short of magnificent brilliance. A real scare with characters. This Alfred Hitchcock movie can be watched on Netflix and Prime Vedio.

#9 – Get Out (2017)

Another recent movie on the list is highly rated and a great watch. Go forward to see it in Amazon Prime.

#10 – Shutter (2004)

Oh ho oh, ho! This supernatural Thai movie is often categorized into top horror movies, a creepy backstory and appearance make it scarier. This is accessible on Netflix and Prime Vedio.

#11 – The Exorcist (1973)

An old-time classic. Such was its magnitude in scaring people that a few cities tried to ban it outright and prevent children from seeing it. That,s why this movie is in our list of best horror movies of all time. This will be available to you on Netflix, Prime Video and Amazon Prime.

#12 – The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The only movie on this list is a horror-comedy. But it is not all comedy as there are some fearsome monsters in this movie. This Chris Hemsworth starrer is on Netflix and Prime Video. This movie is also is the list of top comedy movies.

#13 – Saw (2004)

A unique concept and a perfect example of being out of the box. With twists and bloodshed, this is not for the faint-hearted. It has further produced a series of such movies, but this remains the best. And is available in Prime vedio .

#12 – Rings (2017)

If certain movie names come instantly when we talk about horror movies, then this is one of them. This widely famous and one of the best horror movies of all time. This movie is available in Amazon Prime and Prime Video.

#13 – IT (2017)

A recent movie on the list of best horror movies of all time. The story revolves around a few children’s nightmares, which will surely rekindle your nightmares and make it a rough night to sleep. This is available on Netflix and Vudu.


With this list of best horror movies of all time, you are sure to have trouble having a good sleep for a few days at most. The fear of certain characters and moments will feel omnipresent. But that is what watching horror movies are all about. And all good in conquering the fears after watching one and moving to the next.

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